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4.8 out of 5 stars215
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2009
Captain Scarlet was something that I genuinely forgotten altogether, and only in the very late 1980s, when it was featured in the zany and innovative "night network" show syndicated by Channel 4, did the old memories return.

Such was the enthusiasm of the presenters for this bit of old fashioned show from the 1970s that they got Gerry Anderson (gasp) himself onto the show and got him to talk a bit about how it all came about.

It's really interesting to see how the stature of this man has grown so much over the years. Seemingly stuck in a medium that had some people in this business chuckling into their sleeves, he imbued everything he touched with a degree of professionalism and sheer artistry that left almost everyone else for dead.

You forget the fact that the action is puppet based very fast. It's kind of early manga (some folks here will HATE me for that) but in a certain sense, this thing about action films for kids very much came from these miniatures and Gerry Anderson owns this stuff as no-one else could hope to do.

Captain Scarlet was done after Thunderbirds, and the sets are better (probably) as well as the figures. The stories; they're rather dark, on the whole. An organisation called Spectrum is devoted to hunting down what amounts to terrible, unseen phantoms, whose true character is never entirely explained. We never see the enemy and they remain forever, tantalisingly out of reach of the camera.

The characters of Captain Scarlet, Colonel White, Lt Green, and the others are all rather touching; it's odd, because although quite often it's all rather heavy handed with references to duty and courage, and all the old school stuff, there are times when it's really quite... well uplifting. I don't care what you say about that.

It is very curious, but I was in the Army for a short time, and there was a real Sergeant White, Captain Black, and yes, honestly and truly, a Captain Scarlet. Though he DID work in personnel and had a foul temper, poor fellow. God knows what that name did for him! But It was all great stuff. This series has echoes in reality, though maybe that's after several drinks and too many videos. And far too many drinks. And... But there you go. I've told my kids goodness knows how many stories about how I met their mum while I was in the army and fighting the....

Oh never mind.

Definitely recomended. ...any excuse!
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on 4 December 2001
Beautifully presented. Magnificently restored to its former glory with a 5.1 mix to die for.By far the best of Gerry Andersons staggeringly creative output. It is darker in tone than the earlier shows and remains 60s SCI-Fi at its best. The design of the sets and vehicles is wonderful, symbolising the ultimate in 60s modernism/futurism , mix this with great simple tales and a fairly coherent mythology and you're on to a winner. Be warned If you buy this you will want the toys. An all round winner.
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on 17 January 2002
Possibly the BEST of Gerry Anderson's series, Captain Scarlet still holds up today as one of the most entertaining and colourful series of the sixties. The DVD boxed set is everything a fan could want and then some...
Excellent stories, memorable music, great scene changes. The characters are well drawn and the DVDs include biographies on all major cast members. Buy It Now, You will not be disappointed.
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on 19 September 2001
This is a nicely produced set. The box is well presented with the disc boxes forming the Spectrum symbol on their spines and various physical extras inside including postcards. The image transfer is extraordinary, obviously direct from the original celluloid, revealing deep colour and amazing attention to detail on the part of the model makers. The audio takes a bit of getting used to. I've heard the kettle drum transition for over 30 years but never bouncing around the room in Dolby 5.1! The use of Dolby-Digital(TM) is clever but you'll need a decent centre speaker to pick the voices out of the various explosive effects. The animated menus are amazing. Seeing the Spectrum logo revolving in CGI 3D is a joy and the various disc extras are fun... Basically it's hard to imagine a better quality effort than this and above all else there is 'Destiny Angel'. Say no more... :-)
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on 29 October 2002
This review has spoilers in it.
Often overlooked due to it's being in the shadow of the more famous Thunderbirds this is none the less an amazing series with some excellent special effects and the very best plot. For the most part it revolves around 3 characters.
Captain scarlet: THe main hero and a man made almost indestructable by the mysterions when they tried to make him their pawn.
Captain Blue: Scarlets partner and very much an ordinary man in a sunddenly strange world.
Captain Black: The man who destroyed the mysterion city in the first place and is now paying a million times over as a mysterion slave.
In addition there are serveral supporting charcters. Col White the head of Spectrum and the man in the Jeff Tracy, commander Shore role of past storys. Lt Green the coms officer and in a real first a black man. There is no female love intrest or agent as such in the TinTin or Lady P frame but instead the all female flying squadren (angels) of whom Symphony the defacto squad commander is the most fleshed out.
Minor problems do exist. The other Angels are little more then bit players and most of the agents are never fleshed out.
Still if you like Anderson you have to buy this set.
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2003
It's odd to think that this would be entertaining, but it is! Think about it though, a perfect future where men in brightly coloured outfits maintain the peace, which is threatened when an odd alien society is destroyed, the synopsis is so dated, but some how it works. Captain Scarlet (oddly, not named Captain Red)drawes on a dark side of the puppet world to give a deserbing image, it also seems highly ironic that when the world finaly makes peace with itself is thretned by alien forces. I'm way to young to have seen this first time round but when the BBC started to re-show these episodes during summer, I became hooked, and even found my self not bothering to watch Thunderbirds. Yes alright it can get pridictable and the decore is SO dated, but then again that's part of the fun. I stongly recomend people to bye this, you don't have to love it, but for old time sake, why not!!!
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on 25 October 2015
Following the success of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet is a different, darker series. This all comes down to the realism reflected by new human-like puppets designed for the series, a departure from the caricatured look of previous Supermarionation productions. The Mysterons are fantastically sinister villains, even though some of their 'slow but effective' plans against mankind are questionable.

The picture quality is great, and there are two options for sound: 5.1 surround and the original mono, the latter will greatly satisfy purists.

Episodes are not indicated on each disc, which is a bit annoying if you want to find a specific one. Fortunately, I have written them all down for you to see:

Disc 1:

-The Mysterons
-Winged Assassin
-Big Ben Strikes Again
-White As Snow

Disc 2:
-The Trap
-Operation Time
-Spectrum Strikes Back
-Special Assignment
-Heart of New York
-Lunarville 7

Disc 3:
-Point 783
-Model Spy
-Seek and Destroy
-Renegade Rocket
-Crater 101

Disc 4:
-Shadow of Fear
-Dangerous Rendezvous
-Fire at Rig 15
-Treble Cross
-Flight 104
-Place of Angels

Disc 5:
-Noose of Ice
-Expo 2068
-The Launching
-Codename Europa
-Flight to Atlantica
-Attack on Cloudbase
-The Inquisition

There is also a bonus disc containing an hour-long documentary called ‘Captain Scarlet: S.I.G’. It’s partially a greatest hits compilation about the characters, a making of documentary consisting of interviews, and interludes with the Captain Scarlet puppets. Other extras include audio adventures (found on the first four discs), humorous commentaries by Gerry Anderson on ‘The Mysterons’ and ‘Attack on Cloudbase’, and image galleries and ads spread on all discs.

I should note that on Disc 1, I found technical glitches on two episodes: Big Ben Strikes Again, and Avalanche. The former isn’t too major (after the credits, you can very briefly hear the beginning of the Century 21 logo before it cuts off), while the latter unfortunately has a slight sound delay that starts during the intro, and one of the closing credits freezes briefly. Not sure if this has happened with any other copy, but if it has, a product recall should be initiated.

Despite that flaw, everything else plays great. If you want my opinion, my favourite episodes are The Mysterons, Winged Assassin, Heart of New York, Seek and Destroy, and Attack on Cloudbase.
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on 3 April 2010
Along with the Tom Baker and John Pertwee Dr Who's, memories of the 1970's consist of repeats of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. Captain Scarlet became a childhood hero, who faced foes who could not be defeated nor understood. With many questions left unanswered the main one is why the all powerful Mysterons who could at any time cause a true extinction of the Human, limited their attacks to public incidents which involved Captain Scarlet and Captain Black, its almost as if they were parodying the roles of good and evil reminding the sanguine humans that they despite their technology still had not overcome their darker instincts.

The Mysterons main base on Mars was subject to an unprovoked attack by the first humans to discover them, they proved immune to human technology and could have ignored the attack but instead chose to enact a program of terrorist action against humanity; with the aid of the discoverers of their base on Mars, the explorers from Spectrum Captain Scarlet and Captain Black. Why do they do attack humanity, where do they really come from, what are they, who are they, there are only hints throughout the series, enjoy as the Mysterons are truly Mysterious indeed. Captain Scarlet - Complete Series Box Set [DVD] [1967]
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on 22 March 2004
Anyone out there who is a fan of Joe 90 or Thunderbirds and who hasn't seen Captain Scarlet must see ALL of these. You could spend much more money buying the 6 episode sets but those of you with Region 1 capability should consider this set. All 32 of the tense and exciting episodes will provide you with over 13 hours of entertainment. A little lacking in the extras department but there is still more than enough to make this a worthy purchase! Spectrum is Green!!!
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on 5 March 2011
Having seen only sporadic episodes of this series as a child, and some of them in the 90's on childrens' tv, I was delighted to see the whole collection in one big box set, and wasn't disappointed when it arrived. Gerry Anderson was slated for making the puppets in this series more human, unlike Thunderbirds, who had over-large heads, and also for the more mature stories portrayed in the episodes, especially having killed off the main character in the very first episode! However, it has stayed my favourite Anderson creation of all-time (very closely followed by UFO, so closely they are almost tied for first place).The only character I didn,t care for first time round was Captain Blue, but over the years I have changed my opinion of him (also finding out that Ed Bishop/Commander Straker voiced this character helped) and I am now a very happy viewer.Many people complain that puppets can't be taken seriously in dramatic situations,but I think this series showed everyone the error of their judgement. Gerry Anderson flew in the face of popular opinion in all his productions, despite his wantinhg to actually produce live action movies (read his biography for more details about this), but will probably be remembered for his puppet shows, which thrilled both adults and children for generations. I still show this series to my friends kids, who are more familiar with the new,cgi series, and they actually can't believe that the series was first created in the mid-60's. I love this series and wish there had been more made, but at least I can console myself with the new one if all else fails. This is a piece of television history that I can watch over and over again, without getting tired of it, unlike some of those on offer today. Like Dr. Who, this is a series which both children and adults can watch together,as it has something for everyone, the handsome male characters for the ladies, and the delectable female characters for the men, and all the action and adventure for the kids.
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