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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£18.99+ £1.26 shipping
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on 20 October 2001
This great new version of the 1970 concert film, 'Elvis: That's The Way It Is'
will hopefully help to redress the balance of critical opinion concerning the
final phase of Elvis Presley's career. Those who only remember the
caricature will be surprised at how good Elvis looks and by the sheer power
and magnetism of his performances. Vocally, he was at his absolute peak.
Fans will be delighted to see new footage and some great new camera
angles (it feels like you're actually on the front row sometimes). Gone are the
irritating interviews and sideshows - this version focuses firmly on the man
himself. On the negative side, some of the songs from the original film have
been sacrificed - I Just Can't Help Believin being the most glaring omission.
The rehearsal section lacks the momentum of the original and the sound mix
is quite poor in places. That said, the special edition includes a great
rendition of Santa Claus Is Back In Town, demonstrating Elvis' ability as a
blues singer. The concert performances themselves are simply superb.
Everyone will have their favourites, but for me the lesser known Elvis songs
are the highlights. I Can't Stop Loving You is fantastic. Just Pretend really
shows off Elvis' vocal range. Patch It Up is a real rocker. This is Elvis at his
best. Sit back - and enjoy!
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on 27 January 2015

Buy It !


He's brilliant !
This is the King in 1970 at the peak of his second classic period ( 1968 - 1973 ).
He Rocks and he Rolls, he jigs, he does karate moves and he even cracks the occasional joke.
Just buy it. You'll love it,

I bought the Region 1 version.
Potential purchasers have asked if this version will play on a UK Machine.
Yes it does. At least it does on my Sony Blu-Ray player.
Both the DVD and the Blu-Ray disc play on my UK Blu-Ray player.

The official Amazon 'Product Details' describe the discs as Region A/1
which is of course made for America, Canada etc but not for Britain.
Normally that would mean it wouldn't play on a UK player.
Despite this, both discs play perfectly on my Blu-Ray UK player.

That's the Way it is. Elvis.
Blu-Ray and DVD plus booklet.

I paid £13.24 = £11.28 plus £1.26 for postage on 08.10.14.

Ordered from 'All your Music' - an American seller based in California
BUT arrived from 'Digital Waves' c/o Keymail UK Limited. Harmondsworth. U.K.

Delivery only took 10 days.
I paid on 08.10.14. It arrived on 18.10.14.
Very good delivery time for an item purportedly sent from the USA.

The item arrived in softish brown cardboard with corrugated inner lining
which protected the contents reasonably well.

The Blu-Ray set was shrink wrapped.
There was a gold label '2 disc collector's set' in the bottom right hand corner.
It was stuck on top of the shrink wrap.
That helps encourage the idea that this is not a 'counterfeit' copy.
( See the attached photo of this info-sticker posted with this review. )
Blue print on the rear of the shrink wrap states 'Disc made in Mexico'.

Very high quality 'hard back book'-style disc case
with integral 44 page booklet with text and top quality photos of the man himself.

The front and rear cover of the disc case are all in English.
The rear of Blu-Ray case offers full technical details all exactly as per the images on the Amazon page.
Incidentally, the 'rear cover' is actually a detachable, insert-type sheet.

The 2 discs are locked securely into place in a clever, tiered plastic structure.
Please see the attached photo.

No matter what it says on the discs,
both the DVD and the Blu-Ray discs play perefctly on my UK purchased Blu-Ray player.


The Blu-Ray version of the 2001 Special Edition.

Regions :
There is no mention of any Regions on the disc itself.
There is also no mention of 'Regions' anywhere on the packaging.
I presume that means that Disc 1 is Region-Free.
Disc 1 ( the Blu-Ray ) plays perfectly on my Region 2, UK Sony Blu-Ray player.
My Sony Player is not Region-Free. Despite this, the Blu-Ray disc plays as normal.

FILM QUALITY - of the Blu-Ray Disc :
Blu-Ray Quality - ( Released 2014 )
The film quality is very good.
Not quite top Blu-Ray quality but better than standard DVD.
Considering the film was made as far back as 1970, the quality is impressive.


DISC 2 :
The 1970 Theatrical ( = Cinema ) release on DVD.

There are 'Extras' on Disc 2.

Regions :
Disc 2 is described as 'Region 1.'
The words 'Region 1.' are printed on the outer circumference of Disc 2.
This disc plays perfectly on my Region 2, UK Sony Blu-Ray player.
My Sony Player is not Region Free. Despite this, the DVD plays as normal.
So, you don't necessarily need a Region 1 player or a Region-Free player in order to play this DVD.

Printed on the disc is : 'Widescreen. Region 1. - 108 minutes. '


DISC 1 :

Contents :
That's the Way it Is. Elvis.
The Blu-Ray version of the 2001 Special Edition.

Total Running Time :
1 hour, 34 minutes and 57 seconds.

Screen :
Widescreen ( 16:9 )

Resolution :
1080/24p ( = 24 frames per second )

Picture Quality :
Surprisingly good considering this film was made in 1970,
mainly with hand held cameras.

Audio :
English. DTS HD Master Audio. 5:1ch. 48kHz - 4.5 Mbps.

DISC 2 :

Contents :
That's the Way it Is. Elvis.
Theatrical version = the film originally shown in the cinema.

Total Running Time :
1 hour, 48 minutes and 20 seconds.

Screen :
Widescreen ( 16:9 )

Resolution :

Picture Quality :
Surprisingly good. Especially considering this film was made as far back as 1970.

Audio :
English. Dolby Digital. 1.0ch. 48kHz - 192 Kbps.
Please see the attached photo of the Mono label.
review image review image review image review image
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on 15 August 2007
I am very Disappointed with this release. Disc 1 is very good and in excellent condition. But then it would be, as it was only released a few years ago. The Original Film on Disc 2, does not look like it has been cleaned up in any way at all and is no better than my old VHS copy. The extra's (less than 40 minutes) are in bad quality and even stagger here and there. And what about the 'Lost Performances' video? No sight of that footage!
The Ideal would have been a package like the 'Aloha' and '68 Special' sets a couple of years ago. I would of cut out the Elvis Impersonators and the Fan interviews Etc from the original film and gathered all existing rehearsal and concert footage from both films plus 'Lost Performances' before re-editing it all together with never before released footage in a 3dvd set in Remastered quality.
If you have not got the new 2001 version (On Disc 1) then this may be worth getting, although you can buy it as a separate DVD. If you have , then I wouldnt bother with this. I for one cant wait until they get it right. I would rather pay three times as much for the real deal!
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on 14 June 2001
I've just purchased the Region 1 version of this fantastic look at a fun lovin', behind the scenes, Elvis on his way to the first of his Vegas spectacles. This new version of the movie is almost a completely NEW movie though. Having been a fan of the original film I could wait to see all my favourite songs, plus the promised extras - yes we do get more songs but we also get some glaring omissions. Most notablely NO 'I JUST CAN'T HELP BELIEVIN''- can you believe that !! This track was so popular at the time of the movie's original release the live track from the film became the definative version - and it's not there any more !! I'm sure that should be illegal!? (apparently a US copyright problem - so it may appear in the UK version...hmmm) Other ommisions include all the interviews with the Elvis fans which made the original movie so humourous. But you do get a new blinding version of Suspicious Minds!! The making of documentary is short but informative and the sound and picture quality are amazing compared to the original version. But I have mixed feelings -I'm disappointed that the original version of the movie is deleted but if you've never seen it, this movie is a fan's must have item! MGM re-release the original !!!!!!!
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on 19 August 2014
Just received this bluray from amazon the picture quality is a massive improvement on the dvd version of this movie Elvis at his absolute peak.ive noticed one other review remarking on the bluray being region A only it's not this is region free and an absolute must for Elvis fans put this movie on and be stunned at the picture quality,yes there are a few grainy moments but that doesn't detract from this amazing documentary Elvis at his finest knocking em dead in vegas.
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on 14 June 2005
This was the first Elvis DVD i bought. I have since bought, the 68 comback special and Aloha from Hawaii and well as various movies that he did. The 'Elvis -- That's The Way It Is' DVD is the best one yet! As a hugh Elvis fan i do beleive that this shows elvis in the same light as in 1956. His performances, both vocally and sexually are on an even with performances such as Hound Dog on The ED Sullivan show in 56 and the Jailhouse Rock video of 1957. The best performance is the Suspicous Minds track. Elvis shows a amazing amount of energy, enthusiasum and unbelievable vocals to a massive, screaming live audiance. After listening to recorded tracks on the 30 no1 hits cd, the live versions of such song like in the Ghetto, The wonder of you and suspicous Minds and twice as goo live. He also performs Thats all right Mama, All shook up and Hound Dog, thats all right Mama is equally as good as the original, even though elvis never performed Hound dog, Blue suede shoes etc as well after the 50s.
A must have!
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on 21 March 2006
This is the most important readily available Elvis video for fans to own. It shows Elvis in rehearsal and on stage at his true creative peak before performances became either routine or laden with grandiose and cumbersome ritual. At the time he had in place over 500 arrangements and orchestrations he could instantly call upon and a backing band unmatched before or since. Herein lies a compelling glimpse of just how these were put together with Elvis directing from guitar and piano. The on-stage action is from more than one concert - he did two a day at the time - and it is still hard to believe just how good he was compared to the media charicatures prevalent today. One star is missing from my rating simply beacuse this is a re-edited version that inexplicably omits the on-stage "I just can't help believing" which is a masterpiece.
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on 23 September 2002
I never seen Elvis live but this come close. This DVD shows you the real Elvis before the gig and then the man who was the King. The before films show him laughing and messing around before the real deal. On stage, no one could stop him. He was a powerful force. The voice, the style, the way he moved around is outstanding. The band behind him made everything run like clockwork but it was Elvis who made it look like childs play. Elvis was and still is the KING!
The outstanding parts are: the wonderful Polk Salad Annie and the great Suspicious Minds. I never seen a man so sexy and move so freely in my life. I sit there open mouthed as I watched Elvis knock everyone dead and I'm sure everyone wanted to be there while they watched. One Nite is also one of my fave parts coz the way he tells the band what to play hehe. He had them all in my hands and they loved it. The fans were the same. All Elvis had to do was smile, laugh or bend down and they were screaming for more.
Elvis Aaron Presley is the KING. No one can stop what he started and this DVD proves that no matter what happens in this world....Elvis is still the KING! If your not sure about Elvis....buy this DVD and then ur see the King in action....and ur be blow away!
5/5 from me :)
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on 30 August 2001
Sit back and enjoy the finest ever testament to the King! Picture and sound on this DVD are as perfect as we are ever likely to get from 1970. Yes, we are deprived of several wonderful performances from the original movie (most notably "I just can't help believin'", but this special edition focusses on showing Elvis the man as well as the most dynamic performer of the 20th century. Enjoy the rapport of Elvis and his band rehearsing, the thrill of his fans when he jumps into the audience, then watch the cat move in "Suspicious Minds"! The charisma shines through like a searchlight. This movie should have been the greatest Elvis movie when it was first released. Now - IT IS!
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on 8 September 2002
It may be over 30 years since this documentary was filmed but you can still feel how magical, thrilling, exhilarating and exhausting it must have been to watch Elvis Presley performing in his prime. And that's exactly what you get here. A 35-year-old Elvis, simply exuding magnetism, charisma, talent and joy at doing again what he loved the most.
His voice is amazing. He wallows in it and gives every single song his all. He shows off his range and appears simply to pick a song at random, announcing it to the band and launching himself whole-heartedly into it. The whole show is fabulous but the highlights for me are One Night, Patch It Up, Polk Salad Annie and his phenomenal rendition of Suspicious Minds. He interacts easily with his superb band and the backing singers.
He's also in fantastic shape, handsome and sexy, still at the point where the much-imitated white jumpsuits enhanced his image perfectly rather than highlighting the decline of the larger and sadder Elvis of his final years.
It's amazing to watch the biggest star the world has ever seen simply jumping down into the audience and walking amongst them, shaking hands with the men and kissing the women. The crowd are practically hysterical, almost begging for more and more they get. This would never happen today and today's performers are not even in Presley's league.
This film doesn't only highlight the talent of the man. It also shows his humour, his professionalism and the total delight he took in singing and making music. It shows what a great loss he is to us all but also what a legacy he has left.
I was only five when Elvis Presley breathed his last but this DVD makes me feel like I've seen him play live. Absolutely fantastic.
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