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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 May 2016
Hurricane is a fantastic movie portrayed masterfully by Denzel Washington. He truly gets you with his emotions and the spirit. Watched the blu ray and all I can say is WOW. It looks fantastic. The image quality is just superb. Its not a new movie but they done an amazing job into the blu ray. I am proud to own it. Just get it.
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on 25 May 2017
Great film with Denzel. Worth watching though not much boxing still a good film
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on 21 April 2017
An excellent film based on a true story.
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on 31 October 2011
Denzel Washington in another great performance,all the more watchable for being a true story,you cant believe it could really happen.Havent seen a bad film with him yet hes such a brilliant actor.Really worth watching.
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on 21 April 2017
Delivered the day before allocated delivery date ! ...really pleased with the DVD
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on 25 March 2012
excellent watch, I was gripped by the story from start to finish. and to know it is a true story was heart breaking, to spend 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit and all because of the colour of his skin and because 1 policeman didn't like him. this is a film I would happily watch again and again.
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on 27 April 2017
Another great film
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on 17 October 2016
Good movie!
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on 8 August 2006
This film is a true story. It is important for you to know that because some of the facts and reactions seem excessive, and yet... It all starts with a bunch of rowdy black kids who run across an older white man, a local personality who starts playing with these boys of ten or eleven and these boys decide to fight against it, probably without knowing what they were fighting against, except that it was not correct to let an older white man touch you if you were a little black boy. Local police and justice officials will go along a road that leads the same boy who is arrested for « molesting » the older man to a triple death sentence for a triple murder that he never committed and that will never be investigated properly. The film is absolutely outstanding because it sets the emphasis on this black man, an ex-world champion in boxing, transcending this fate and getting so high in his meditation that he is truly free in prison and truly divine in his mind. This Hurricane thus set as an example and model to anyone whose freedom is endangered, we can move to the 15 year old black boy from Brooklyn who buys and reads Rubin Carter's book in a booksale for 25 cents. His own life is a series of accidental cicumstances that lead him from deprevation among alcoholics to some achievement in a « host family » in Canada. This black boy, Lesra, identifies with Rubin and gets involved in his case. His Canadian guardians get along with this involvement and they will eventually bring the truth out and convince a federal court that the man is innocent and has to be released from prison immediately. What is important here is how these people react and organize their search and how it succeeds thanks to some nearly immaterial circumstances that go their way and not the simple automatic and habitual way. It is such cases that justify people in thinking there is hope in our societies where the poor cannot have any justice at all because they cannot afford good lawyers from the very start, and later on it is too late : the initial damage can rarely be redeemed, and yet some cases are there to prove it could, even if it does not most of the time. This is one of the films that should be studied in details in all high schools all over the world.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University of Paris Dauphine & University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne
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Rubin Carter was wrongfully imprisoned before I was even born, and I'm sure I am one of many who first learned of his shocking case through the telling words of Bob Dylan's song "Hurricane." Dylan was one of many who believed in Carter's innocence and helped raise awareness of the gross injustice he suffered at the hands of the justice system in New Jersey. I do not know all of the facts in the actual case, but I am aware of the fact that this film does not follow the history of events exactly - it's no secret, as a disclaimer of such appears at the beginning of the movie. This is not a documentary; it's a moving tale of prejudice, corruption, and hatred ultimately defeated by love, truth, and honor; as such, it captures the heart and spirit of Carter's tragic story in the most powerful of ways.
You could call what happened to Rubin Carter a travesty of justice, yet even this term barely begins to explain Carter's plight. He was tried and convicted of the murder of three individuals in a New Jersey bar in 1967 for two reasons: he was black and he was successful. He and a fan were heading home in a white car when they were pulled over, hauled over to a murder scene they knew nothing about and then to the hospital to see if anyone could identify them as the murderers - which no one did. This did not stop the lead detective from arresting and trying them for murder - by suppressing evidence and forging documents, not to mention engineering the false testimony of quite impeachable witnesses, the police and prosecutors got their conviction. Rubin Carter's boxing career was over, and this man - who could have been the middle-weight champion of the world - found himself looking at three life sentences for a crime he did not commit.
Much of this film examines Carter's response to the crushing weight of prison and the repeated denials of his appeals over two decades (somewhat strangely, it mentions but does not dramatize the second trial he managed to get - and lose). Along the way, we flash back to the important events of Carter's childhood and early adulthood - including some of his overpowering victories in the ring. Another story converges with Carter's as the movie progresses, though. A young man from Brooklyn, who has been taken under the wing of three working partners in Toronto - who teach him to read and help him prepare for the college education he longs to have - buys Carter's autobiography at a used book sale - it's the first book he has ever bought. Reading Carter's story, young Lesra Martin feels a close connection to the man and decides to write him a letter. A friendship emerges between Carter and Martin, and eventually Martin's Toronto friends and teachers all risk their careers if not their very lives to help Carter win his release from prison. Even though you know how the story turns out, the final scenes are wondrous moments of cinematic art full of raw emotional power.
This movie does run a little long, coming in at just under two and a half hours, but you'll be so absorbed by the story you won't even realize how much time passes. Denzel Washington does a remarkable job as Ruben Carter, and the supporting cast is stellar as well. Hurricane affects you across the whole range of emotions: hatred for the crooked cops and prosecutors, disgust with those who not only feel racism but use it as a weapon to subvert justice and ruin a man, growing admiration for Carter as he deals with year upon year of incarceration, deep respect for those who risk their own livelihoods in order to open the eyes of Lady Justice, and the moving joy of hope fulfilled and the eventual triumph of good over evil. The film may not be historically accurate in all its details, but Hurricane is about as real as it gets. This is just an extraordinary motion picture.
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