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on 16 May 2017
Truly, since I was a kid in 1992 this is still one my favourite feel good movies.

Mixing in a bit of little known history, about the Woman's Baseball League that ran from 1943-1954, and adding in an engaging storyline with fun, warm characters well played by the cast (even Madonna is good in this one!) it's completely entertaining from the start right up to the great finale.

A good extras package as well, as there's a commentary with cast and crew, 37 minutes of (often substantial) deleted scenes with intro by director Penny Marshall, a 52 minute nine part making of and a 12 minute reunion featurettes alongside the Madonna 'Playground' video. Great stuff!
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on 5 April 2016
Great film, Tom Hanks is fantastic as the recovering alcoholic ex baseball player who has been given the task of coaching a team of girls during WW2. All the girls play great characters and there are some sad and some very funny moments in this film. You don't have to be a baseball expert fan or even sports fan of any kind, it's easy watching.
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on 9 May 2017
I watched this film last week on the TV. What a great film to watch. I would highly recommend this film.
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on 22 February 2014
Bought this as a present for someone who had never seen it and had no interest in baseball but they loved this film. The acting by Hanks and Davis is amazing but Lori Petty steals the show!
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on 26 March 2017
Love this film ❤️😃
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After America's (eventual) entry into the Second World War, Baseball was put on effective hiatus as it awaited the return of men from military duty. Chewing Gum millionaire saw a gap in the market and pioneered a Ladies baseball league. This film isn't a historical account of events, instead it uses it as inspiration for a fictional tale which manages to capture the spirit of the venture.

The film primarily focuses on sisters Dottie and Kit, and also former baseball star Jimmy Dugan whose dependency on alcohol cut short a promising career. The personal stories of the individual characters ensures that this isn't just a film about baseball, baseball is simply the common factor which brings a bunch of girls together and encourages them to chase their ambitions. With Kit feeling overshadowed by her sister's talents, Jimmy in with a chance of experiencing some of the glory he missed out on previously, and plenty of stars-and-stripe waving this could very easily have been a soppy cheesefest. However the regular humour and Tom Hanks' portrayal of Jimmy grounds the film in reality and threads everything together in a way which feels balanced and accessible, even if you care little for Baseball or the American Dream.

This is a feel-good film but it doesn't ignore the issues of the day, wives live in dread of receiving a telegram from the forces, and when one such moment does occur it's an emotional scene which unites the team and shows how strong they've become as a group. They also find that their Girls League isn't viewed as serious sport my many, including their coach at first, but through gutsy performances on the field they manage to fight against sexist views and a system which is more interested in their looks than their talent.

The acting in the film is sometimes criticised but I though all the performances were strong. It's clear that efforts are made to give as much screen time to Madonna as possible and but regardless of how she is viewed as an actress she is convincing in the role and a strong cast member. Geena Davies brings her character to life well and along with Tom Hanks is the one we can most relate to, the two are the most rounded of the ensemble and the most believable.

The DVD runs for two hours, but the bonus features contains deleted scenes which extend the film further. Although there's no option to watch them in the film as it would have before they were edited out, they are worth watching separately if you're a fan of the film as they add extra elements to the characters and alter some of the relationships slightly.

In a nutshell: A fictional story which probably contains as much truth as it does fiction. At times this is quite sentimental but it tends to not overdo it, some great performances and a witty script make this compelling film and an interesting snapshot of America in the 1940s.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 August 2011
It's 1943 and Baseball in the states has been decimated by all the men called up to join the services. Enter the ladies who themselves help to kick start a womens league to keep the Baseball fires burning.

The first thing any prospective first time viewer of this piece should note, is that it's not actually a film about Baseball. It's about friendships, challenges, and differing off shoots to the complications of war, it just so happens that it's the game of Baseball that brings it all together! Directed by Penny Marshall (Big), screenplay by Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel (City Slickers/Parenthood) and featuring Tom Hanks {wonderful as drunken coach Dugan} as the leading male, it's no surprise that A League Of Their Own booms with sentiment and no little amount of comedy. It is to me a very rewarding picture, the sort that wants you to chuckle along with it whilst noting the need for human interaction during a troubled time. The lady actors do great impressions of bona fide athletes, asked to parade in short skirts and entertain the watching public, these gals, led by the always engaging Geena Davis, deliver a sparky picture that never veers into maudlin territory. There are of course some sombre moments, but they are placed nicely by Marshall in the context of the films events, never trite, they serve more as tender vignettes to run alongside the frivolity on offer. Ultimately A League Of Their Own achieves its aims come the final credits, its not taxing and its not purporting to be an intelligent look at a period in history. It's asking us the viewers to feel heartened by what we just watched, and just maybe to give those girls back in the 1940s a piece of our respect, job done. 7/10
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on 19 June 2017
The story comes from life, higher than life. Not bad. If there's one next, I'll be looking forward to it. I really like the props in this movie. It's quite realistic. If I had, I must find someone like the hero. The ending is romantic. I watched this video with my brother.
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on 2 December 2012
where do i start a under rated tom hanks film for me. This is one of my favourite 90's movie with kindergarten cop it has sports it has a young tom hanks and a string full of beauties to wet your appetite lol. It start with geena davis and her sister living on a farm with there parents as geena husband is away at war and she just waiting for him to come home where her younger sister has different faults about leaving small town life and heading to the bright lights of the city. In the opening scene the two sisters are playing baseball at a local park and get recruited for the first all girl american league. Now i stop there as i don't want to give away to much but this is a must own if your a sucker for late 80's early 90's movies it heart whealming in places where the wifes wait on news on there husbands during the war, you also see great acting from tom hanks who plays a wash up professional baseball player turned coach also you get a young madonna before she turned ultra weird and didnt have the body of a 16 year old boy lol. So if you reading this don't wait no more just order it plus delivery from allyourmusic was quick.
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on 12 February 2013
Watched this with my 20 year old daughter, then bought it for my 80 yr old Mum. Yes its that good. Fab story telling and one of the best Geena Davis roles by far.
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