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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2007
The film itself deserves five stars, fantastic story, fantastic acting, great special effects and starring the imitable Bette Midler. What lets the DVD down is that it is cut by about 5 minutes from the VHS version. These cuts are by Disney themselves and NOT the BBFC. These scenes were not shocking or violent but added comic genius to the plot. One of the scenes cut shows you how the witches decide what to use as broomsticks, such as a vaccum cleaner, to fly on when it becomes obvious to them their broomsticks, al but Winnie's, have dissapeared.

It would be interesting to discover why Disney choose to edit these scenes out rather than just release the VHS version, with the same certification.

However this said Hocus Pocus is a fantastic family film and you could do worse than buy this DVD. Enjoy it for all it has to offer. Good clean fun!
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on 21 June 2006
I recently re-discovered this film and have to say that I enjoy it just as much now, aged 16, as I did when Bette Midler's showstopping rendition of "I'll Put a Spell on You" was first imprinted on my brain at the tender age of six. Sure, it does drag in places (the child actors are not exactly brimming over with charisma...) and the marked, albeit supremely camp, wickedness of the witches may be too much for some younger children to handle, but for sheer entertainment value this film is hard to beat.

It has a surprisingly interesting plot and all three Macbeth-style witches (the mythical "Saunderson sisters") light up the screen whenever the camera falls on them. In particular, the incomparable Bette Midler is outstanding as the eldest witch (she steals the show with the aforementioned rendition of "I'll Put a Spell on You"), although Sara Jessica Parker (of Sex and the City fame) is also fabulous as the child-tempting youngest sister- I really didn't have to suspend much belief when her creepy "Come Little Children" siren song lured the entire youngest generation of Salem from its beds!

I babysit for a great many children and have yet to come across one whom this film is unable to charm.

So, if you're looking for a fun Halloween (or indeed, any time of year) movie that the whole family will enjoy, you can't go far wrong with this one

And it stars BETTE MIDLER... as a WITCH!
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on 29 July 2006
Youve gotta love Hocus Pocus! Its a classic Disney film, Great to watch at anytime of the year...not just halloween (Thats a note for you, the TV Companies that only show it at Halloween Time) With great characters, great actors, humourous storyline, brilliant songs and just a plain old disney classic for any age! Must watch! Buy it now if you dont own it!!!
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on 1 November 2012
As my title suggests this is a review of the US Import Blu-ray release.
First, and most importantly, for UK buyers....this disc is REGION FREE!!! The back of the box states this and my region-locked player plays it fine. (To the person who gave this release 1 star before even knowing if it was region locked...check for this sort of thing!!!)
There are lots of review for the actual film, so in this review I'm only going to focus on the blu-ray release.

The biggest question: Is this worth replacing on Blu-ray. Answer: A resounding YES!!
The picture on the DVD has always been dreadful, but I personally think this release looks incredible. Colours are bright and vivid and the blacks are deep. On occasion the film is a little blurred around the edges; but this is nothing to do with this release and is merely part of the filming style. This is the best this film has ever looked.
Overall, if you're a fan this is a must-own and I'm very pleased I bought it.
My only gripe: No extras to speak of. Surely Disney have something in their vaults they could have put on this release. But, given that next year is the 20th anniversary I wouldn't be surprised to find this is re-released then. Personally, I just couldn't wait.

UK aware that import charges apply to anything over £15; so make sure you buy this from a seller under that price like I did.

Technical Specs:
1.85.1 Widescreen.
Audio: English DTS-HD Master 5.1, French DD 5.1, Spanish 2.0 Stereo.
Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
Extras: Bonus Trailers and a DVD Copy.
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Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker,and Kathy Najimy play witches called the Sanderson sisters. They give three, very funny, over the top performances in this over looked comedy.
Three centuries ago in colonial America, the Sanderson sisters practiced witchcraft, much to the consternation of their neighbors who apparently gave them wide berth. Unfortunately, growing old and haggard, they needed to rejuvenate themselves by inhaling the life force of a child. So, they lured Emily Binx, a neighboring child, into their cottage. She is followed by her brother, Zachery, who tries to save her, but is unable to do so before he is discovered and turned into a black cat for all eternity. The three witches breathe in Emily's life force, with dire consequences for Emily, but the witches themselves turn more youthful thanks to Emily's life force. The townsfolk convene upon the cottage and capture the witches, whom they arrange to hang, but not before the witches cast a spell that is to have future ramifications.
Cut to present day America. It is Halloween. Two teens and one of the teen's little sister break into the witches cottage, which is still standing as a sort of historical museum. One of the teens does something that brings the witches back, and all hell breaks loose. Just sit back and let the laughs begin. What happens is quite funny, as the witches are hilarious. This is entertainment, pure and simple. What you see, is what you get.
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on 19 May 2007
Personaly i don't usually enjoy films rated lower than 12 but this is an exception. I mean what a classic! Winnie, you rock my socks! If you don't see this i am afraid i will have to kill you.

thanks :D
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on 15 September 2014
Brilliant movie. I had never seen this but it was bought for my eight year old and I must admit that I loved it and can see why it's a great little movie. Funny and interesting and entertaining with a great cast too. Ideal Halloween movie.
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I watched this film alot when I was younger, now I'm 20 and I watched it again on TV yesterday. Suprisingly enough I still enjoyed it. Full of decent effects, music and some hillarious dialogue between the three witches. Plot revolves around Max, a new kid in town whose moved with his family. On Halloween night, he, his sister and his new friend Alison obliviously ressurect the Sanderson sisters, witches of the 17th Century who were hung.

It is obvious that the witches have such good chemistry together off film because it shows on screen. If you watch this film for one reason, watch it for them, particularly Bette Midler's performance is Winefred Sanderson, which is her on top form in my opinion, including her rendition of 'I put a spell on you'.

I never found this film scary even as a child, and if I can still enjoy it at 20, it makes good viewing for everyone.
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on 25 August 2014
The idea of Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker as witches appealed to me no end so I bought it on DVD when it was first released. I was not disappointed with it then and am not disappointed with it now. The tranfer to blu-ray enhances both the picture and sound quality of this movie, my only moan and not much of a moan is that Ms Midler only sings one song but I suppose as a witch transposed from the seventeenth century to the modern age singing would not be high on her agenda. The acting of the whole cast cannot be faulted but the Ms's Midler, Parker & Najimy are a joy to watch. If you enjoy fantasy movies then do yourself a favour and buy this one.
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on 6 November 2014
Ahh the movie of my childhood. I remember first watching this as a child and thinking WOW!!! Of course now it doesn't quite have the same effect but it always makes me like a kid again.
As mentioned all the cliches are there which is probably why the film works so well. Better Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Nimjay portray 3 witches in 16th century Salem who kidnap children. Unluckily for them they are banished but not before turning one youth Thackery Binks into a cat after killing his sister. They can only return when a virgin lights the candle. Roll on present day and said virgin in the form of Max Dennison portrayed well by Omari Katz. Of course he lights the candle and so the witches return to wreak havoc.
As films go this has all the key elements -bullied kid, the girl ( Vinessa Shaw) who is way out of his league who he of course manages to win the heart of by the end and the annoying little sister Thora Birch pre American Beauty days. It has all the elements to make it a Halloween favourite amongst little rascals with a talking cat and the walking dead. As I have got elder I have appreciated the small bits of adults jokes included. Middler gives a wonderful performance as the Matriarch with a role which she will always be remembered for. Although the storyline does feel rushed at times there is always so much going on you never really stop for a moment as you hurtle along with the main protagonists. At times you can't take it seriously but I think that is what makes it great it is a bit of silly fun which you can enjoy it again and again.
It certainly leaves me wishing I was 8 years old again and going trick or treating and there is nothing better to prepare you for the cold autumn nights then cuddling up with a bit of magic that is hocus pocus.
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