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on 1 September 2014
This Dell pc has a remarkably small footprint and easily fits on top of my desk (on top of my sub woofer actually!) and is extremely QUIET; can just barely hear the single fan - the very point of buying this model. My previous pc had two very intrusive fans which could be heard over the music being played.
I therefore bought this pc as a replacement and it does everything I require: surfing the net; emails; WORD documents; playing music and watching dvd/films; storing my work (documents) and photographs easily on its 1TB storage.
AND, for the money where can you go wrong ....!
It also comes ready loaded with Windows 7 Pro with Oracle Apache Office software fully compatible with Microsoft Office, for my needs anyway, absolutely FREE !!! Thus saving another £100 or so ....
Gripes: it is a tad low on extensions & add-ons - there are only 2x free USB ports on the front, so maybe not the ideal choice for gamers ..... BUT it does everything I need from a brand (DELL) that I feel is reliable and robust.
It is FAST!
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on 28 April 2014
Take the plunge and buy it. You won't be disappointed. I was skeptical of the high spec and low price, but when it arrived I was over the moon. We use this for presentations and web surfing mainly and in terms of performance it is faultless. Set up is absolutely minimum, just plug it in.
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on 2 May 2014
I bought this computer to replace a 10 year old Medion XP machine which suddenly died on me. This one has 64 bit
Windows 7 Professional loaded which is similar enough to XP to make you feel at home from the start and is more
user friendly.

I had backed up my files but was worried that some databases from Windows Works 7 might be irretrievable. The
Works 7 disc installed OK and my files were safe. I could not however install Nero 6 or a Pinnacle Video editing
program. So be prepared that some of your old applications might not work with 7.

I also had to find a way for recording streamed sound by connecting Line out to Line in sockets with an external
lead. To monitor the sound I had to include a 3.5mm female socket in the lead as the front headphone socket is
disabled if you use the rear sockets.

I also had a problem with windows updates as there were 152 of them waiting to pile in automatically when I
switched on, too big a bite and the computer failed to install them properly leading to endless cycles of failed
updates. The secret is to do them manually a few at a time.
When the Disc drive disappeared off the Windows Explorer screen I was ready to send the machine back. I think this
was a result of trying to install the incompatible Nero software but uninstalling the corrupt driver files and then
rebooting solved that problem. I emailed Kelsus about these problems and they were quick to reply but I sorted them
out without resorting to returning the machine.

So after a few initial teething problems I am highly pleased with the Dell. It's obviously refurbished as there's a
scratch on the top but it cost a quarter of the price of my previous computer. It's about the size of two house
bricks laid side by side, ie a third the size of the machine it replaces. It's got a hard drive 4 times bigger and
3 times as much RAM memory and is much quieter.
WiFi is derived from a thumb sized dongle in a rear USB socket and this worked as soon as I put in the WEP code.
Because of the size there's a limited amount of room for socketry but there's two USBs on the front, four on the
back. Audio sockets front and back. It comes with a Dell keyboard and mouse, an adaptor for the monitor connection
and an external power supply that sits comfortably on the desk. I connected up my existing printer and monitor
without problem and was up and running within 20 minutes of unpacking it from yards of bubblewrap.

For preloaded software, there's 3 web browsers, Google, Mozilla, & Explorer, Open office, AVG free,a video player
which seems to play most formats, all the Windows accessories that come with the OS, Skype, a couple of useless
games. So far no crashes and Windows 7 starts up much faster than XP did.

So if you want an inexpensive machine to replace an ageing XP computer to keep you going till Windows 9 comes along
I'd recommend this one.
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on 3 November 2014
I would just like to say I bought mine from Kelsus It so this is a review on the product they are offering. This would be handy if every review stated the seller as you can see a mixed good and some bad reviews which no doubt depends on the seller. The computer arrived a day early so very much pleased however it was expected because I live a hours drive away from the seller.

I am in fact using the same computer for making this review since I received this product about 50 minutes ago. In this time I have unpacked it and turned it on and off to check it works. The screen did come up with file corrupt with something else however this may be because I put the screen plugs in when it was turned on so turning it off and on again made everything seem to work if not then Kelsus have great customer support so don't worry.

Kelsus has made it easy for us so we could just plug it in and go. And that is what I did. The wireless adapter is small and I got two of them though only one looked like the adapter the other for who knows what so they I guess they take up two slots of 8.(On further inspection one is a wireless adapter and the other is a Bluetooth adapter.
This means you have plenty of room left. It came with a CD (drivers for the wireless adapter) which took 10 minutes to install and I had my computer running to a wireless connection in under 45 minutes since opening the door and getting the package handed to me.
So I am a very happy customer and would recommend buying this computer for its cheap price.

I don't believe there to be a anti-virus programs or protective software so I am at the moment looking at Bullguard software to download.

The packaged also came in protective wrappings as I saw on Kelsus's homepage someone said it wasn't protected enough so it is very nice to see companies take on customer advice on products.

The actual computer was wrapped in metres of the bubblewrap stuff so I am very pleased with it being protected. It does come with a keyboard and mouse though I didn't need those as I have my own and they look to be second hand so I wouldn't advise to use them though I am grateful for them sending those as well.

The box had the big words 'FRAGILE' in red all over it so that worried me less if it got damaged on the way as the people who delivered it would be more careful.
There was also a cable which is DVI to DVI with an adapter for those who use a VGA monitor. I bought a DVI to HDMI cable on recommendations in the questions/answers section so I didn't need these.
There was also a 2 page document from Kelsus giving me my sales order number and confirming that I have a 3 month warranty with a plain disc which I guess is the windows 7 recovery disc which I will check in a bit and come back to confirm.

Lastly there is the power cable which is a bit old fashioned looking and is quite big and says it might over heat though unless you are careless and don't check it when the computer processor is working overtime then you might have problems. However I really doubt it would overheat unless its very old and then I should say buy a new one which I might do though this adapter looks fine for a year or two. It is very similar to laptop adapters though 3 times bigger but I guess the computer needs it because it is so small.

So overall I would recommend Kelsus and this computer for its bargain pricing. Including Windows 7, wireless adapter and bluetooth, keyboard & mouse, DVI-DVI cable with VGA adapter which means all you need is a monitor and you are ready to go.
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on 15 April 2014
I bought this to be used as a second PC, just for Office work and Web Surfing.

Delivery was fast and the PC was well packaged and included a Dell keyboard and mouse which were not expected.

The PC boots quickly and comes pre-installed with W7 Professional, which works perfectly well. The PC is nowhere near powerful enough to play recent 3D video games, but if like me you just want to web surf and work on documents it's fine and decent value for money.

Two small criticisms:
1) In addition to Windows 7 the PC came pre-installed with a few unwanted programs such as iTunes and OpenOffice. I'd have preferred a machine without such garbage. And note: the game "Fish Tycoon" contains a virus and should be deleted.
2) The PC is advertised as 'new' but its casing was dirty and scratched, making me suspect it is either ex-demo or refurbished. This was disappointing but not a deal killer as the machine IS good value anyway.

In summary, a decent cheap and cheerful solution.
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on 9 July 2014
Was pretty nervous ordering this 1TB 4GB Dell computer, seemed to good to be true especially at a £124 price point inc delivery. Arrived well-packaged and promptly from Kelsus. The computer had a rattle when shaken gently as though there was a loose screw tumbling around inside but so far (one week) no ill effects on the operation of the device.

Easy and fast start up with zero snags. Came loaded with Windows 7 and array of other software some of which I didn't need so deleted. Accepted my official but old copy of Office 2003 Professional without any problems at all. Not quite as quiet as I expected but perfectly acceptable.

This is a refurb machine and came with several minor scuffs; if you want a pristine computer you'll probably need to shop elsewhere. Included in the package were a Dell mouse and keyboard which were unexpected bonuses.

Overall, fabulous value. An equivalent new budget set up with equivalent spec from Novatech or the like would have set me back over £450. If it lasts me 5 years I'll be delighted.
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on 24 June 2014
The PC as delivered was quite scruffy, but for a refurb item that was not unexpected. I purchased this machine for one purpose only, that being as a sync machine with my Microsoft Onedrive/Skydrvie cloud. I removed some of the bundelled software (iTunes, etc) and installed the SkyDrive/OneDrive software. The machine has been tempremental at best, often locking and needing a re boot. Less than one month in and the pc will now not boot up at all. It doesn't appear to load the BIOS. I have requested a return, so let's see how the vendor cooperates.
Also to note, the Video out is via a DVI port, which meant that I had to buy a converter to get it to work with my VGA display.
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on 15 April 2014
Just what I wanted, good price, and when I asked for a minor change they were more than helpful! Highly recommended!
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on 1 July 2014
plugged in and away it went. no problems as yet.quick delivery very pleased with purchase. i would use again in future.
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on 27 June 2014
I guess you get what you pay for sometimes.

I bought this because i thought it was a) cheap b) quiet and c) had wifi. It turned out to be a very badly scratched machine, which is *very* noisy and does not have wi-fi. The enclosed a4 page mentioned that I should use a USB wifi adapter in order to use wifi, but this was not included.

The item description also indicated that the system was refurbished with new parts. I've opened it up, and there are no new parts inside. No advantage to paying 120 for a "refurbished" model compared to e bay.

Buyer beware, this 5 year old machine wont last long
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