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on 16 August 2017
exactly what my son needed, thanks very much,,,
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on 21 March 2014
First things first - This is a fantastic guide and 'Future Press' do things much better than almost anyone else out there.

Great attention detail has been taken with pretty much everything. The walkthrough section itself has been written by members of the Dark Souls Community and is about as thorough as things can get. Although item stats and spawn locations are bound to go out of date (From Software makes constant changes to game balance) it will still be a more than handy companion for most of us.

I initially pre-ordered the guide from Amazon UK, but when the release was delayed decided to cancel and order it from Amazon.com instead. In the meantime I also ordered a couple of copies from the 'Book Depository' which finally arrived today.

In side by side comparison the differences are pretty obvious - The US version is heavier, slightly larger and appears to be printed on glossier paper. The UK version is still fine, it's just disappointing that changes always seem to be made between US and European versions.

Unsurprisingly the US version also costs less! If you have the patience then I'd recommend ordering off the Amazon.com website ASAP. The guide works out at £14 and standard international postage takes it up to about £18.24. This works out cheaper than the UK version + postage by at least £4 with the only downside being that you'll have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to arrive.

If you don't have the patience to wait that long then the UK version comes highly recommended anyway. For those of you that can wait - A heftier product will be yours to delve into.

P.S I'll put a comparison photo on here as soon as I can work out how to do it. The UK version will still be sealed as I passed the open copy to a friend of mine, but at least you will be able to see the general difference in size.
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on 24 March 2014
a great guide for a really hardcore game. it gives you a great breakdown to everything in the game, so it makes it slightly easier but you will still need your skill and wits to survive.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 March 2014
This hardcover Dark Souls II Collector's Edition guide is divided into 4 sections/chapters.

Chapter 1 is about starting the game. This section goes into detail about the basic mechanics of Dark Souls II, like how to identify a character's possible covenant and, probably most importantly, how things have changed from Dark Souls I. Pay close attention to all sections that have an 'ii' symbol next to them. This highlights a change that has been made from the first game. For example, next to the description of the estus flask, it mentions that now to improve the flask, you have to find estus shards and bring these back to the emerald herald in order to have more uses. You start the game with only one estus flask use upon receiving it, not 5 like you do in the original Dark Souls. From reading the first section, I've realized the way I played DS is not going to cut it in DSII. I will be required to carefully use healing items and human effigies and not waste them throughout the game. This section is well worth reading before you even start your game.

Chapter 2 is the basic walkthrough with maps, suggested route to take throughout the game, recommended level for the area that you are in (the game sections have a skull rating showing how difficult that section is), hidden routes and items, soul count for each enemy, and strategies on how to kill those annoying enemies. I like to play a game and discover it for myself, but I do like to refer to this kind of section when there is a key item that must be found, or when I'm just plain lost, or to find out whether I'm wandering into a real dangerous section and I want to avoid losing 30 mins of hard soul grinding and get back quickly to a safe area. So this section could end up being a nice welcome mat, and a way to get out of a sticky situation.

Chapter 3 is the nuts and bolts of the book. It gives you a list of all the weapons, armors, spells, items, etc. in the game. This is the section I'll probably use the most as I like to have an idea what are some of the best early weapons and armor to look out for and what is a good mid-range game weapon armor etc. that is worth investing the time in to upgrade fully. Nothing is more frustrating to me than upgrading an item with rare resources to later come along one which would have been better to pick for the long haul. I already have an idea by studying this section that (1) I need to be careful with how I use my human effigies, (2) healing items are going to play a far more important role in this game, and (3) I can even turn a section of a game into the equivalent of new game+ to grind some extra souls. Though before I even consider something so drastic, I would want to be very strong for sure, so I suggest taking time out before starting your play through to study this section as it will most likely save a lot of heartache later on down the line.
On a personal note, I would have preferred to be able to see how many of an item is in the game world. This guide doesn't do that, and it would have been nice to know if there are plenty of a certain item, so then it's not so bad if I have to burn through a number of an item as I can recoup some later on in the game.

Chapter 4 is more for the NG+, and if you're like me and usually looking for that elusive trophy, this will be a very helpful guide for getting that one trophy you missed. Good to use when looking for conditions for a hidden trophy and if you're a completionist and want to find everything that there is. I'll really use this section later in my play through. There is a new map for optional area, new bosses, a lore index and a general index, and a trophy/achievement guide.

Overall, this is a very good strategy guide and is sure to help you on your quest to beat the game of Dark Souls II. The maps are detailed, the stats are great, and it will make your play through of the game easier. I hope that in the future the designers might consider adding the total number of an item and maybe have a rank order for armor and weapons for different types of classes rather than having to really study the stats in detail. Personally, for instance, I would like to be told that for a knight class that x weapon is the best and y armor is the best for that class rather than me studying the stats and making an assumption for myself. Overall, 4 stars means I'm happy with this guide and will get good use out of it.
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‘Dark Souls II CE Strategy Guide’ published by Future Press is manual that was eagerly anticipated by numerous players of this great and extensive game which were so far finding all the game information on the net.

And although it is often the case, especially lately, that the manuals for the game disappoint the fans once they come out, with this guide luckily that was not the case because it is good, thorough and beautifully designed book that leads reader/player through the game making it recommended to anyone who so far enjoyed game or plan to do so.

The book contains plenty of helpful information, starting from detailed description on each enemy, map details, list of armor, useful weapons and magic, together with index which is a great thing in games of this type, where there is large quantity of various data that can be searched by various criteria. The authors made great overview of all the enemies that can be found inside the game and they even went so far as to specify the exact number of enemies encountered or things that can be found somewhere making this guide a good choice for casual gamers who want as quickly as possible and as painlessly go through the game.

After a long time it seems to me that this is a game guide that can be used as a benchmark for others to follow, because besides the nice visuals full in color and a lot of information that offers both for experienced and less skilled players, it’s beautifully designed and in every way is luring attention.

I plan to give it as a gift, but I could not resist to write a review right away because it is a brilliant book that I can recommend from the heart.
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on 29 March 2014
This guide, as is usual with Future Press, has an amazing construction quality. The paper, the organization, the printing and coloring, the art presented, the hardcover, everything about it is perfect.

This guide explains the basics for the newcomers and also gives a walkthrough for enemies, areas and bosses for newcomers.

For veterans, it offers a number a awesome tools to work with. How stats work and interact with each other in order to build the best character for a certain playstyle, or even the detailed maps of all areas with enemies and items, for when you want to clear, complete and unveil every secret after exploring the world by yourself! It also gives awesome information about items which lets players compare them and decide which one will do them best.

As for cons, I found some minor errors (I underline minor) and the price. It could be a good 5-8£ cheaper.

I recommend it for newcomers who would like some help, for veterans who want to work out, with very detail, what stats and items to tinker and play with, as well as for collectors. Its, above everything else, an amazing book with amazing quality and a perfect collector item.

Recommended, but rated it 4/5, not because of the minor bugs that are normal in such a information heavy book, but because of the price that could be lower.
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on 11 June 2014
Perfect guide for someone who wants to explore in deep the game or have some problem with pass a level. Clear walkthrough, every level of the game is perfectly explained and illustrated. I was thinking if buy it or not due to the price but honestly, there is nothing to say, this is money well spent. 5 stars for this product...
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on 10 April 2014
This is an awesome guide for an awesome game. Dark Souls 2 is a brilliant adventure with a huge lore filled story that you need to discover on your own (mostly). Not many games can compare to the grandeur and purity of the Souls series but due to its high difficulty and learning curve people tend to avoid it which is a shame. If you haven't played a Souls game yet, please do yourself a favor and buy Dark Souls 2 WITH this guide and once you are a master go back and play Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls (PS3 only). Once your in the Souls community you will never want to leave.

This guide was also co-written by 2 of YouTubes greatest Souls supporters (Marcus Sanders AKA: ENB and Franz Von Eisenheim AKA: A German Spy) They do amazing videos based on the game play and lore of the series and have helped write this guide. If you are new to Souls go check them out right now, they will help guide you through the game.

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on 2 April 2014
I'm not going to go to deep into how great this guide is as I believe this has been covers by some other reviews on here.
What I will pick up on though is while this guide from FuturePress is totally packed with every thing you will ever need to know in DkS II,I feel the quality of the final product is below par to there predecessor guide book DkS
The feel of the paper just does not feel silky smooth like the DkS guide.
I know to some reading this it may sound like I'm moaning about nothing,but with me owning the FuturePress DkS guide book I can see the finish in quality FuturePress are capable of,I just feel there DkS II guide while totally brilliant in illustration and fact's,it just dmfeels a little cheap compared to their original DkS guide.
BUT all this being said I would recommend this a very good buy and investment to have.
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on 8 June 2014
Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Strategy Guide by Future Press is a must have if you are planning to play Dark Souls II. This guide will help you navigate the follow-up hit to Dark Souls. Dark Souls II appears to much harder and difficult than the original. The Area Guide Walkthrough section will help give us a detailed maps to guide you in exploring every inch of the game's huge world. The guide states it will take you point-by-point, which will be welcomed from a game like this. All of the weapons, armor and magic items are all covered within this guide book. This book will also help us find the most hidden areas within the game. I am glad that I have this guide and can wait to start playing this game when it comes out March 11, 2014.

Thank you for reading my review.
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