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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2009
I am so pleased I bought this book. I am fairly new to the world of slow cooking, having only bought my slow cooker in October this year. However I really enjoy experimenting with different recipes in it, so have tried several slow cooker recipe books in order to find successful ideas. Firstly the best thing about this book is it is NOT Americanised - no disrespect, but it can be frustrating trying to 'translate' different names for ingredients and getting your head around the measurements. All the ingredients I have required so far for the meals have been easy to find.
The book is full of different and unusual recipe ideas, very different to ones I've come across already. Nothing I've tried so far requires too much preparation, and with most recipes there is a little section on the same page which offers a variation on that recipe and its method. There are also hints & tips on how to get the most from your slow cooker, which I found very beneficial.
I definitely recommend this book to someone who is new to slow cooking, or who has been doing it for some time and is on the lookout for something new to try.
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on 11 March 2013
I bought this at the same time as a slow cooker - I'd never used one before so thought I'd better get a recipe book as well to get me started. I was a bit disappointed, especially after reading the previous reviews, but that's primarily because of the reason I want a slow cooker. I bought the slow cooker to make weekday meals which I can just leave cooking while out at work; I was expecting the 200 recipes in the book to be main meals I could make for evening meals. There are a few like this but I would prefer more. A lot of the book is made up of soups, starters and desserts, which is not what I was looking for. If you're intending to use your slow cooker for all these types of meals then it may be a good book for you.

I have made a couple of the recipes but was not too impressed. I found them a bit bland and uninspiring. I also thought the quantities given were a bit on the short side - two recipes which were supposedly for four people were probably not. They also barely filled a quarter of my slow cooker (which is 4.5 litres) so I will have to adapt the quantities to make more in future.

I think the book has given me a starting point - I now know which order to put the ingredients in the slow cooker and to use less liquid than normal etc. but I think I will just adapt my own recipes to suit the slow cooker from now on, rather than following the recipes in this book.
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on 20 November 2009
Unlike my other slow cooker books this one has pictures of the food that look really tempting and modern! Everything I've cooked so far has tasted great too, and there's loads of interesting ideas I wouldn't have thought of like ginger cake and poached salmon.
And at such a bargain price - everyone who has a slow cooker should have this book!
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on 8 December 2009
There are so many recipes in this book which are easy to prepare and very satisfying to eat. I would recommend it to anyone with a Slow Cooker.
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on 16 December 2009
This is a neat little book, with well-illustrated, tasty recipes (the "beery barley beef" was a real winter warmer). I have used it a few times, and quite like the fact I can take it with me to the supermarket and use it directly as a shopping list! The recipes often have variations on the theme, and this actually gives the book quite a few more than the 200 of the title. Sara Lewis seems to have cornered the market in slow-cooker books, and this is as good as the rest, well priced, and in a handy (almost!) pocket size. Highly recommended.
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on 1 May 2010
All of these recipes you have to pre-cook everything, which to me seems pointless using a slow cooker. Also this recipe book says you can't cook meat in your slow cooker without filling it up with water first, my other cook book (link below) states otherwise. I have tried cooking a joint of beef and a chicken without adding liquid, they cook in own juices and taste fantastic and take the same amount of time to cook as they do in the oven.

I was looking for a recipe book to get ideas of meals I can make in my slow cooker by putting everything in, no pre cooking needed.

I did however find a book that suits my needs - Slow Cooking Properly Explained: Over 100 Favourite Recipes
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on 8 September 2011
I haven't had time to try any of these recipes so far, but having read through a few of them I'm a little bit disappointed that there aren't more 'one-pot' meals that I can put on in the morning and come home to after work in the evening. There are lots of lovely-sounding recipes but if I was at home and able to put ingredients in at different times and cook other parts of the meal separately, etc., I'd be cooking conventionally and not dragging it al out for hours by using the slow cooker.
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on 5 December 2009
This is a great little book - far more comprehensive than other crock-pot books I have come accross.

Practical and doable recipes to feed the family - and it even tells you how to make a christmas pudding using your slow cooker or crock pot. I made this for the first time this year - and although we haven't eaten the result yet - it looks and smells fabulous and was much less scary than trying to cook it in the pressure cooker!

I would really highly recommend this book to anyone with a slow cooker.

I knocked one star off for the small size of the book - there are so many recipes in here - it could have been a bigger more spectacular book - perhaps even hardback for durability as it is a book you will hang on to and use (almost daily) for years!
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on 4 February 2010
Although titled 200 slow cooker recipes there are actually 104 main recipes the others which make up the 200 are slight variations often changing one ingredient however still fantastic value for money. It is a small book 5 ½" by 6 ½ "with the picture of the completed dish on the right hand page and instructions on the left hand page. As well as the instructions section there 5 other main sections giving recipes for; Breakfasts & Light Bites; Meat, Poultry & Game; Fish & Seafood; Vegetables; Deserts, Drinks & Preserves: What more could you want.
There is a useful instruction section explaining hints and tips on using a slow cooker and mentions that all recipes are for 3.5 litre (6 pint) slow cookers but it does explain how to vary the ingredients for the other two sizes of slow cookers.
It is as well to follow the recipes in detail at the first attempt, we did not use vegetable suet to make dumplings on the first attempt and these were well underdone.(Cidered Pork with Sage Dumplings) the only one we had any problems with, we have not tried them all, was the Beef and Root Vegetable Hotpot; The instructions said press the potatoes into the stock and the picture does show them on the top of the dish however this resulted in the potatoes being undercooked. Unless the liquid is above the level of the potatoes they do not cook properly. However this worked well with sweet potatoes in the Rancheros Pie which also asked for them to be sliced and placed on top.
Favourite dish so far "Pork, Orange & Star Anise"
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on 2 December 2009
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