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on 9 November 2013
I bought Lightroom because I got fed up with the limitations of iPhoto and Apple's Genius didn't convince me Aperture was the way to go, that plus Aperture hasn't been updated in a long time. You have to wonder if Apple is abandoning the high end of the market. At the time Lightroom was on special offer. Anyway I am not a professional photographer. Soctt Kelby is and is book is very much geared towards them.There's a lot in this book, and in Lightroom, that even the serious amateur will probably never use or need. Nevertheless, the book is well written and gets the just the right tone of imparting information without getting bogged down.
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on 8 December 2013
Quirky writing style with daft American jokes that only appeal to the USA. Content is good but long winded to get to the point. Packed with loads of information and many Light Room tips. I have other books by this author and therefore I knew what to expect. I would prefer to have concise information laid out as advertised - 'For Digital Photographers' without all the stupid comments interspersed and the lengthy long winded 'Step by Step' approach. Some steps do not need to be included. Here is part of a typical step. This is 19 of 23 from 'sorting your photos' - "So here's how it works, and this is a battle where only one photo can win; On the left is our current champion (Called the Select) and on the right is the contender (called the Candidate). All you have to do is look at both photos and then decide if the photo on the right is better than the photo on the left (In other words does the photo on the right beat the current champ?). If it doesn't then press the Right Arrow key on your keyboard and the next photo in your collection (the new contender) appears on the right to challenge the current champ on the left." What a load of waffle!!! Several subjects in the book are like that and detract from what is a good reference book but as I said so long winded it can be a drag to get to the actual technique or instruction you need to understand or learn.
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on 9 January 2014
I ummed and aaarrred over the various options and ended up going for this one - the good reviews swayed me. Glad I did and would recommend it to anyone with LR5. It's logical and methodical and written in an easy to understand fashion. I originally planned to find my own way round and through LR5, but now I have this book I can't fathom why I would have tried to do that? LR5 is a seriously impressive piece of software and is capable of so much, so why buy something with the capabilities of LR5 and get the most it? The book breaks every single section of LR5 down and explains what and why... If you've ever tried to teach yourself to play and instrument and to read music, then it is possible but it takes time and you do get into some bad habits. Sit down with a proper teacher and you fly by comparison; that's what this book is like. Don't mess around, it's not a lot of money for what it shows and teaches you.
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on 6 June 2014
I bought this book because I was curious as to whether I wanted to use Lightroom or not, and it seemed like the most efficient way of finding out (rther than installing LR for a trail and spending hours exploring and perhaps not finding everything).

The book is skilfully organised, running through a surprisingly general (that is, relevant) workflow from picture import to publishing.

It is also beautifully illustrated, and nicely presented.

Although in the end I decided not to buy LR, the book gave me excellent reasons for making *my* decision. Whether you are already a Lightroom user, or if you're thinking about it and want to see all the features quickly and efficiently, I can really recommend this.
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on 26 April 2014
I read a number of reviews before I bought this book and as far as I could see, a lot depended on if you liked this author's style. He is a bit wordy and sometimes you have to read quite a lot to find out how to do something quite simple BUT all the information is there and if you are prepared to spend the time you can pretty much learn everything you would need to know about Lightroom. The pictures do help and if you follow the steps given you can pretty much guarantee you will end up doing what you set out to do!
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on 5 February 2014
This book is just ideal, especially for people who have not used lightroom before(like me). I have found it full of all the information you need from start to finish, especially for the information before you start using lightroom 5, as to how to set up the initial use before you install lightroom 5. If you are going to get or have got lightroom 5 then get this book, it's invaluable.
I must also thank amazon as I had ordered the book first class but it arrived late and one quick phone call, at their expense, they refunded my postage so that I received free postage, excellent service, well done amazon and well done Scott Kelby.
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on 19 February 2015
Mr Kelby has written another classic, plain simple language, fun and to the point. Each chapter is laid out in a easy to follow working order with plenty of pictures to follow with short but detailed explanations. I have quite a few Kelby books and find that I am always referring back to them when not sure of a procedure.
This is my first ebook and it compares well to the written version.
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on 28 July 2014
As a long time user of Lightroom I thought I knew quite a bit already, I was wrong. This book will teach you so much it will change how you use Lightroom for good. Scott really knows his stuff and gets his point across in his own way, some people may have a slight problem with his style of writing, but the content is well worth it and very soon you will find you can get into his style and enjoy the book

For me this book is going to live close to my laptop for a very long time and get a lot of use
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on 8 January 2014
ive yet to get into the book as only just arrived but having said that the book is concise and contains much information and help? unlike other photographer books the re are limited pictures but more written text with less pictures but the pictures still help?
it carries more info than the element books which are more pictures than text so I believe this will be better I have both elements 12 and lightroom 5 both are similar but lightroom has more power but will continue to use both as they compliment each other.
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on 1 February 2014
I am a big fan of Scott Kelbys books, his humour and no nonsense approach sets him aside from most HoW to do it books. The opening chapters of this one however were hard work and require re reading a few times before going near the program itself, it's pretty unforgiving bit of kit for the unwary. That said in every other respect it delivers the goods and Scott's irreverent humour throughout breaks up into bite size chunks, what is a pretty steep learning curve.
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