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on 22 January 2017
This is just a dictionary of gay terminology. A little outmoded at that. Thought it would be more in the nature of advice and tips.
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on 27 April 2011
This book is clearly written for an American audience and has, in my opinion, terms and view points that don't necessarily apply to a UK reader. I feel that some definitions and meanings of terms are not fully researched, especially the chapter on Fidelity and monogamy. In my opinion I think the authors did not read their dictionaries properly. Over all the book is a good resource for young gay men(I feel the book is bias in this regard, could be more inclusive of the whole gay community) The book is very down to earth and honest to the reader. I do however feel that the book may be a little unnecessary. The Joy of gay sex is a book that I think may be titled wrongly because the book dose not cover the sexual, emotional and relationship side of gay men and women but quickly and briefly talks about these subjects and then goes on to discuss 'seen' life style and things that could be making the book to be seen as 'a definitive guide to gay life' when it is not and should not aim to be. A book will never replace living and experiencing life the way you want it to be not what is put down in print. However the illustrations are very well drawn and, although only of gay men, are full of exciting visual communication. I would recommend this book but recommend that the reader make their own decisions on what the book says.
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on 11 August 2015
I am rating this with one star because of the following excerpt, within the full context of the rest of the book:

"We have little sympathy for circumcised men who seek foreskin restoration for cosmetic reasons, or for the uncircumcised who want to be cut in order to fit in. We believe the underlying problem has nothing to do with cocks, cut or uncut. It’s probably what shrinks call body dysmorphia, a mental condition in which a man has an obsession about the inadequacy of some part (or parts) of his body and chooses surgery as the means for changing it. Since he’s usually never satisfied anyway, we believe that a better treatment is psychotherapy, medication, or both."

This really doesn't fit, the book legitimises such extreme fetishes as fisting, chem-sex and needle play - according to this book sticking hypodermic needles through your testes(balls) and smoking methamphetamine is completely normal behaviour for the modern gay man, but wanting to restore a body part through grieving the loss of the most sensitive & functional erogenous tissue of the male anatomy and wanting your body to be whole, complete, intact, the way nature intended it to be, the way you were born before having your genitals brutally and painfully mutilated under the barbers knife without anaesthetic at the whim of your ignorant, narcissistic parents and no less than metaphorically raped as an infant isn't a legitimate concern that causes psychological problems... if it bothers you that someone mutilated your genitals without your consent - you're neurotic, in need of therapy and medication! If someone cut off your nose or ears for no medically justifiable reason, it's no great injustice to you, you're simply insane - it was only a choice that your parents made for you own good long ago.

Not only that but most men who choose to restore their foreskins for entirely rational reasons,(functionality, comfort, pleasure, feeling whole, undamaged) seldomly do so with cosmetic outcomes at the forefront of their minds.

I was going to buy this book, but I had the foreskin(thanks to restoration) to check some of the authors opinions first.

Instead I recommend that you buy "Unspeakable Mutilations - Circumcised Men Speak Out" and learn about the issue as the author of this clearly hasn't bothered himself.
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on 13 February 2006
This book is a serious disappointment. It has very little about the sexual act, and anyone looking to this book for ideas or instruction about gay sex will be extremely frustrated to find the book should in fact be called the 'joy of possible situations or experiences you may have if you are a gay man'. As I perused the particularly fatuous cod psychology of the section on Daddy/Son modelled relationships I could clearly hear the sound of the bottom of a barrel being scraped. This book could only possibly be helpful to someone who had absolutely no experience of gay life, I suggest that kind of person is not the book's target market and the publishers should change the title.
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on 26 December 2010
Anyone buying this book hoping for a gay parallel to the original "Joy of Sex" (which is why I bought it) will be disappointed. Very little information and few original ideas are presented, and the book is more an alphabetical exploration of a number of gay sociological themes.

Read as such, the book is reasonably informative, and might be of interest for people making their first journey in to the adventures of being gay in the modern world. The authors generally write well and clearly, though there is a rather pontificating attitude that comes through at times, with the authors' opinions being presented as the "last word" on several subjects.

Overall: this book is not of much interest to people hoping to develop their sex lives or indeed to find out about the "joy of gay sex". It is, however, a good buy for those interested in a broad picture of life as a gay man today.
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on 12 September 2003
What can I say about this book? Like being held in the arms of a muscular lover this book provides reassurance and comfort to all of us in the gay community that revel in our physicality.
Far more than an instruction manual, The Art of Gay Sex is an essential guide to opening up the sensual you.
I can't say that The Art of Anal Sex is an art that I've personally mastered, but as long as I keep looking at the pictures and working hard I'm sure it achievable.
It's a beautifully concieved and illustrated book, completed with the love and fits perfectly between my copy of Spartacus and Will & Grace DVD boxed set (Vol 2).
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on 18 September 2011
I live in a small town, where my viewpoint is regarded with distaste, but this book helped me feel better about myself and i've been experimenting a lot since page 1.
Brilliant book, recommended to all!
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on 18 February 2015
For those men who are imaginary stuck this shows them the ropes but for those who want to get serious there are other options
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on 11 April 2013
it is what is. good reading for those whom want to spice up their love life. also good for those beginners
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on 25 January 2016
Not bad, Only wanted it for material in case I ever wrote a gay book. Too much info really
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