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About Drop In With Alexa

The optional Drop In feature allows you to connect with your closest friends and family.

Drop In is an optional feature that helps you to instantly connect, hands free, with the Echo devices in your home. You enable by saying, "Drop in on Home." When you enable Drop In and grant permission to your devices, it applies to your household members.

Note: Alexa supports Drop In and calling between all the Echo devices on the customer's account. If you have more than two devices, you can specify the device you want to connect with by name. You can also say, “Drop in on Home,” and Alexa lists the devices that are in your home.

Getting Started

Available in the Alexa app (only for starting Drop In) and on all Echo devices.

The following devices currently don't support Drop In:

  • Echo Connect

Before using Drop In with your friends and family that have an Echo device, check the following:

  • Sign up for the full Alexa Communication experience through the app.
  • Enable Drop In for a contact.
  • Have a contact enable Drop In for you.
  • Check that your device is compatible with the Drop In feature.

When using Drop In on your device, or a contact's device:

  • The light ring on your Echo pulses green.
  • You connect automatically.
  • You hear anything within range of the device.

Note: If you and your contact are using devices with screens, your contact sees a frosted glass video that transitions to clear video shortly after connecting.

You can turn off the video at any point during the Drop In:

  • Say "Video off".
  • Touch the screen and select Video Off button.

Note: If a household member or contact grants Drop In permissions, an indicator on their Echo Show displays whether someone is near your supported Echo device. Interactions with Alexa and motion sensors on Echo Show are used to determine whether your device has been recently active.

You can enable Do Not Disturb to temporarily block Drop In on specific devices. To learn more about Do Not Disturb, go to Use Do Not Disturb for Alexa.

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