About Amazon Prime Fresh

Prime members can order from AmazonFresh by choosing either the Fresh Add-On, or the Fresh On Demand option.

Prime members receive the benefits of shopping with AmazonFresh by either signing up for the Fresh Add-on for a monthly add-on fee of £3.99, or by selecting the Fresh On Demand option, for a per-delivery fee of £2.99. For a comparison of the two purchase options, see the table below:

Membership Fee £3.99 per month No Monthly Fee
Minimum Order Value £40.00 £40.00
Delivery Fee No Delivery Fee £2.99 per delivery
Free Shipping Threshold N/A £120.00

Fresh Add-On

Benefits of the Fresh Add-on include delivery on orders over £40.00 at no additional cost, including fresh groceries, everyday essentials, your favourites from Morrisons, Booths and Whole Foods. A minimum value of £40.00 is required to place an order. Depending on your postcode and item availability,your orderwill bedispatched for delivery within your preferred delivery window, on a same-day or next-day service.

How to Sign Up For the Fresh Add-on

To sign-up, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Sign-up for AmazonFresh.
  2. Click Start your 30-day FREE trial.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, if prompted.

Prime Membership Requirements

Both free trial and paid members of Amazon Prime and Prime Student can purchase Prime Add-Ons. Members of the Prime Video monthly membership don't have access to Add-ons. Invited guests of other members, as well as Prime Household members, can have access to Prime Add-on benefits if one of the primary owners has a Prime Add-on membership.

Signing up for existing Prime members

Eligible Amazon Prime members can sign-up for a 30-day free trial of the Fresh Add-on. While you won't be charged for your free trial, you'll be automatically converted to a paid monthly add-on at an additional cost of £3.99 per month at the end of your trial period. You can cancel your Fresh Add-on online at any time. If you cancel during your free trial you won't be charged.

Signing up for the Fresh Add-on for Non-Prime Members

Shopping with AmazonFresh is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Eligible customers can sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime and a 30-day free trial of the Fresh Add-on. While you won't be charged for your free trials, you'll be automatically converted to a paid Amazon Prime membership and the paid monthly Fresh Add-on at the end of your free trial periods. If you aren't currently an Amazon Prime member and you've previously had an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, you may be interested in starting a paid Amazon Prime membership.

You have two payment options when signing up for both Prime and Fresh:

  1. Prime & Fresh Bundle:

    The Prime & Fresh Bundle is paid monthly. Amazon Prime is billed at a cost of £7.99 per month and the Fresh Add-on is billed at a cost of £3.99 per month; a total cost of £11.98 per month. You can sign up here.

  2. Annual Prime Membership with Fresh Add-on:

    You can choose to pay an annual fee of £79.00 for Amazon Prime and enjoy the Fresh Add-on at an additional cost of £3.99 per month. You can sign up for Prime here first, and the Fresh Add-on here.

Cancellation of Your Fresh Add-on

If you want to cancel your Fresh Add-on, you can do so using our self-service tools available here.

You must have an active Prime membership to retain access to your Fresh Add-on. If your Prime membership ends prior to the expiration of your Fresh Add-on, we'll issue you a partial refund for the remaining time in your Add-On subscription. For example, if you have 15 full days remaining in your Fresh Add-on when your Prime membership ends, you'll automatically be refunded 50% of your Fresh membership price.

Paying for your Fresh Add-On

Your Fresh Add-on is billed separately from your Prime membership, but your preferred Prime payment method is used for your Add-on. You can set your payment method here.

Fresh On Demand

For a per-delivery fee of £2.99, Prime members and members of their Amazon Household, can place AmazonFresh On Demand orders over £40.00, and will receive the same shopping experience as that offered under the AmazonFresh Add-on. Delivery is free for AmazonFresh On Demand orders worth £120 or more.

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