Unknown Charges

There are several reasons why you might not recognise a charge.

Need to view your complete order history?

Your complete order history is available in Your Account. If you don't recognize a charge, consider the following common scenarios:

  • An Amazon Prime yearly subscription was renewed. For more information, go to Manage Your Prime Membership.
  • An order was placed by a child, spouse, friend, or co-worker with access to your card number.
  • Additional cards are associated with the credit or debit account.
  • A gift order shipped.
  • A digital order was made (e.g., Kindle content, Prime Video, Amazon MP3).
  • An order was canceled or changed recently. Some banks show authorizations as charges or pending charges. For more information see Pending Charges for Canceled Orders.
  • An order for multiple items was split into separate deliveries and you were charged smaller amounts for each delivery. For more information see Multiple Charges for the Same Order.
  • An order placed outside Amazon.co.uk using Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay orders begin with ‘P02’ and are followed by 14 digits. Please check your Amazon Pay Account for your order history. For further assistance with any Amazon Pay transactions, see the Amazon Pay Help pages.

If the charge isn't explained by any of these situations, contact us by phone and have the following information available:

  • Complete credit card number for any cards associated with the account showing the charge (don't send this by email)
  • Date of the charge
  • Amount of the charge
  • Your name, email address, and phone number

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