Enable Alexa Skills

Skills are voice-driven capabilities that enhance and personalize your Alexa devices.

You can search for and enable skills in the Alexa app and from the Alexa Skills store on the Amazon website. If you know the exact name of the skill you want, you can say, "Enable (skill name)." Skill availability varies by country. For information about enabling and using skills for smart home devices, go to Connect Smart Home Devices to Alexa.

To enable Alexa skills in the Alexa app:

  1. From the menu, select Skills & Games.
  2. Find a skill you want to use, and then select it to open the skill detail page.
  3. Select Enable Skill, or ask Alexa to open the skill.
    Tip: Refer to the skill's detail page for examples of things to say and to learn more.

Manage Your Skills

You can view and manage your skills from the Alexa app.

  1. From the menu, select Skills & Games.
  2. Select Your Skills.

Select a skill to open the skill detail page and access available options, including:
  • Disable skill - When you no longer want to use a skill, select the Disable option. Or say, "Disable (skill name)."
  • Manage Permissions - Approve or revoke requested access from the Settings section of the skill detail page.
  • Notifications - Use the toggle to turn them On or Off. To learn more, go to Manage Your Alexa Skill Notifications.
  • Turn on Access to Kid Skills – After you turn on Allow Kid Skills for the first time, children have access to all kid skills. To learn more, got to Alexa and Alexa Device FAQs

In-Skill Purchases

Some skills offer additional content through in-skill purchases or subscriptions. Refer to the skill's detail page for information about any purchase or subscription offerings.

Type of Purchase Description
One-time Purchase

Purchases that unlock access to features or contents within a skill, and remain available to use on any compatible Alexa device registered to your account.


  • Themed game packs
  • Additional accessories
  • Bonus levels


Purchased items that get depleted with use and must be purchased again as desired.


  • Game currency
  • Extra lives
  • Game hints


Premium content or features are available for a period of time, with a recurring fee.

If you no longer want access, turn off the Auto-renewal by going to the skill details page.


  • Magazine/news subscriptions
  • Podcasts
  • Premium content/features

Important: Disabling a skill doesn't cancel In-Skill Purchase subscriptions. You can cancel a subscription on the Skill details page.

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