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Photo and Video File Requirements

Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive support most of the commonly used file types and formats for photos and videos.

Supported Photo and Video Formats

You can view your backed up photos and videos from the website, Fire devices, and the Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos apps for iOS and Android, as long as your photos and videos are one of the common file types listed below.

Tip: You can upload photo and video formats not listed below, but previews of those files may not be available.

  • Photos: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, most TIFF, HEIF, HEVC, and RAW format files. For more information about supported RAW formats, go to Supported RAW File Types.
  • Videos: MP4, QuickTime, AVI, MTS, MPG, ASF, WMV, Flash, HEIF, HEVC, and OGG. Videos less than 20 minutes in length and smaller than 2 GB in size can be streamed through the Amazon Drive website and mobile applications. Videos longer than 20 minutes or larger than 2 GB can be stored in Amazon Drive for you to download and watch offline.


  • The Amazon Photos unlimited photo benefit only applies to files recognized as photos. If a photo has been encrypted, Amazon Photos is unable to identify it as a photo, and the file will count toward your storage limit. Videos count toward your storage limit. For more information about Amazon Photos, go to What Is Amazon Photos
  • The Fire tablet unlimited photo benefit only applies to photos taken and uploaded from your eligible Fire tablet or Fire phone. Videos taken from a Fire device, and photos and videos taken from other devices, count toward your storage limit. For more information, go to Amazon Device Support.

Requirements for Uploading Photos & Videos

  • Your Amazon Photos account must have enough available storage space. To check your storage quota, go to Manage Storage.
  • File and folder names must contain fewer than 255 characters, and cannot include the incompatible characters listed in the "Incompatible File Names" section.
  • Files you upload through your web browser must be 2 GB in size or less. To upload files that are larger than 2 GB, use the Amazon Photos desktop application (which lets you upload individual files up to 48.82 GB in size). For more information on uploading from the Amazon Photos desktop app, go to Upload Files Using Amazon Photos for Desktop

Unsupported Photo and Video Types

Some file types are unsupported, or supported with restrictions, by Amazon Photos:

  • iOS Burst Photos – Only the first image is backed up to Amazon Photos.
  • Google Motion Photos – Each Google motion photo includes 3-second video clips before and after the photo. Only the photo is backed up to Amazon Photos.
  • Samsung Motion Photos – Each Samsung motion photo includes a short video clip and a photo. Only the photo is backed up to Amazon Photos.
  • 3D Photos – Amazon Photos backs up 3D photos if they're exported as a GIF or MP4.
  • Equirectangular Panoramic Photos – While all the data is backed up accurately in Amazon Photos, the display of these photos will appear distorted.
  • Lenticular Photos – Each Lenticular photo is comprised of 11 photos. Only the first photo is viewable in Amazon Photos on iOS devices & web, even though all data from your Lenticular photos are saved. You can’t view Lenticular photos in Amazon Photos on Android devices.

Incompatible File Names

Some file names aren't compatible with Amazon Drive. If your file name contains incompatible characters, you must rename it to upload it.

File names cannot contain:

  • Any special characters (<>:"/\|?*\) or Unicode \x00 - \x1F
  • $$

File names cannot end in:

  • CON
  • PRN
  • AUX
  • NUL
  • COM[1-9]
  • LPT[1-9]
  • A space or a period

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