Reporting a Problem

You can submit problems with discs using the Report a Problem page.

To report a lost, faulty or wrong disc:

  1. Go to Your Rental ListYour Rental List ( full site).
  2. Click on Report a Problem in the Dispatched Discs section.
  3. Select the type of issue you have with your disc from the list provided.
  4. Select the affected title from the list. Remember to provide the additional information requested, for example, if a replacement disc is required. Click Submit.
  5. You'll receive confirmation of the report. Click Done to return to the Report a Problem page.

    Note: If you're experiencing playback issues with Blu-Ray or 3D Blu-Ray titles, please check that you have the right equipment to play the disc and that your player's firmware is up-to-date before reporting a fault with the disc.

To report your disc hasn’t arrived yet, use the steps above, once you have checked the following:

  • Check Your Rental ListYour Rental List ( full site) to ensure that your returns have been received and that we aren’t already preparing your next dispatch.
  • It's been more than one working day since your disc was received, and you haven't been allocated another disc(s).

    Note: As a new subscriber, the first dispatch will be sent within two working days of registration.

  • It's been more than four working days since we confirmed your next disc(s) was dispatched.
  • If you’re on a capped package and you’ve received your disc quota for the billing period, your next title will be sent once your new billing period begins.
  • You have more than ten unique titles on your rental list.
  • Have you got a website notification on your account advising that we’ve been unable to deliver your disc? To resume dispatches you’ll need to update/verify your delivery address, for information on how to do this, visit Managing your LOVEFiLM By Post Delivery Address.

If a disc you reported as lost subsequently arrives, please return it as normal. If you need an extra return envelope to return the disc, use the Report a Problem page to request one.

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