Managing your Rental Lists

You can use Your Rental List to manage what titles we send to you.

To ensure that we can always send you a disc, we recommend you keep at least 10 available titles on Your Rental List at all times.

The rental list page will show you which discs are being prepared for dispatch, which titles you have at home and the titles you have requested to rent from us.

You may also like to create Multiple Lists. For example, you may want to create a separate list for different people in your household, or have a separate Movie list and TV series list. You can manage your disc allocation across your multiple lists.

To create multiple lists:

  1. Go to Your Rental List and select Rental List Settings.
  2. Under the Edit/Create new list section, click Create New List. Your lists can be renamed or deleted by clicking Edit next to each list.
  3. Assign the number of discs from your allocation that you wish to receive from each list by highlighting and clicking on the disc icons.

    Note: You can also move titles from one list to another via Your Rental List.

  4. To see a list of previously rented titles:
    1. Go to the Rental List page click on Previously Rented Discs. This will display a maximum of 200 titles that you have rented from us.
For more information on how to edit priority and format settings visit Editing the priority of a title on your list and Editing your Format settings.

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