Standard Delivery - EU 1 (GBP)
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland
For TOTAL add "Per Delivery" rate to "Per KG" rate. Weight is rounded to the nearest 0.10KG.
Item Category Per Delivery Per KG
Music / DVD / Blu-ray / Software / Video Games (excluding consoles) 3.10 0.50
Books (includes audio books) 4.70 0.50
Other categories (including Video Games consoles) 4.70 0.50
Any combination of items from the categories listed above* Highest "Per Delivery" rate applies Add the appropriate "Per KG" rate as listed above, rounded to the nearest 0.10KG.

*If you order a combination of items, the highest "Per Delivery" rate applies as follows:
You order: 1 book weighing 0.49KG 1 DVD weighing 0.49KG Highest "Per Delivery" rate Total
You pay: 0.25 0.25 4.70 = 5.20
Note: The delivery rates shown above are inclusive of any applicable VAT.

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