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About A-to-z Guarantee

We want you to buy with confidence anytime you make a purchase on the Amazon.co.uk website or use Amazon Pay; that's why we guarantee purchases from third-party sellers when payment is made via the Amazon.co.uk website or when you use Amazon Pay for qualified purchases on third-party websites. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.

This applies to purchases made on the Amazon.co.uk website. For purchases made on third-party websites using Amazon Pay, go to Amazon A-to-z Guarantee on the Amazon Pay Help page.

Customers who pay for purchases from a Marketplace Seller via the Amazon.co.uk website are eligible to receive up to £2,500 of the purchase price, including delivery charges.

For more information on when you can file an A-to-z claim, go to A-to-z Claim Conditions.

Note: If you need help with an item sold by Amazon Global Store, or with a Marketplace item delivered via a Prime delivery method, please Contact Us.

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