Troubleshooting Kindle Fire HD Software Updates

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Update button is unavailable or produces an error message

Issue: The Update button is unavailable, or you received an error message when you tap the Update button.

Cause: The update file is in the incorrect folder, was not transferred successfully, or your Kindle Fire isn’t fully charged.


  • Plug your Kindle Fire into your computer and verify the update file is present in the Internal storage folder.
  • If your battery level is less than 30%, connect the micro-USB cable to your Kindle Fire and to the power adapter, and then plug the power adapter into a power outlet.

Update appears to start, but doesn't update the device

Issue: After selecting the Update button, the software update doesn't appear to work.

Cause: The update file may have been renamed, or you have duplicate files on your computer.

Solution: Delete the update file(s) on your computer and Kindle Fire, and then repeat the software update process. Verify that the firewall on your computer isn't blocking downloads from the Internet.

Previous software version number is still showing after the update

Issue: After updating the software, your Kindle Fire still shows the previous version number.

Cause: The update did not install correctly.

Solution: If you installed the update via USB, repeat the installation steps. If you’re installing the software update over Wi-Fi, tap Check Now on your Kindle Fire and monitor the download. After the download is complete, tap Update. Your Kindle Fire will restart and install the latest software update.

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