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About Badges

A badge is a symbol that tells other customers something interesting about you. For example, you may earn a Top Reviewer badge.

You can earn badges by creating good content on Some badges may be temporary, and some badges may look different depending on where you see them.

If you wrote a review, you might see badges under your name and before the review.

Types of Badges

Hall of Fame Reviewer

These badges identify our best reviewers. The Top Reviewer Rankings showcase our best contributors at the moment, while the Hall of Fame honours those who have been highly ranked in previous years.

Vine Voice

This customer is a member of Amazon Vine™ Voice, an invitation only programme that gives Amazon reviewers advance access to not-yet-released products for the purpose of writing reviews. A review written as part of the Vine™ Voice programme always includes this label: "Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program." This is a permanent badge.


  • If you don't see your badge in Your Public Profile, it was likely a temporary badge; for example, we can only have ten Top 10 Reviewers, and this badge can be reassigned. If you think there is an error and you had a permanent badge that disappeared, contact us.