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Using Your Case Log

The Case Log lets you track and manage cases you've submitted to Seller Support through a Contact Us form.

View Your Case Log

You can access your case log from the link in the "Manage Your Case Log" section of the your seller account home page.

When you access Your Case Log, the main page will list Your Open and Recently Answered Cases. The default view shows all cases that were opened or resolved in the past 30 days. For example, if you opened a case 31 days ago that was resolved in the last 30 days, it will appear in this list. At the bottom of the page you can set the display to show more cases per page. You can use the arrow above a column to sort by that column, such as Case Creation date or Case ID.

Case viewing options

You can use the following options to display only certain types of cases:
  • Cases Needing Attention – Display only cases that are pending action or where action is not possible.
  • Filter All Cases – Use filters to show only cases that match your specified information, including primary email address, date, and case status. When searching by case status, you can use the checkboxes and drop-down menu to choose open, answered, requires attention or re-opened, or combinations of these.
  • Search All Cases – Search your cases by case ID or keyword. When you search by keyword, your keywords will be matched only against the short description (subject line) and not the message content.

Case details

When you click the View or respond button on the case log home page, the case details page appears. The case details page provides a contact history with previous e-mail correspondence.

The "See more" and "See less" buttons on large entries let you expand and collapse the message text. The e-mail contact history does not display a historical view of any CC list changes. 

Updating a case

Amazon updates a case when we receive new information from you. You can reply to us on open cases, re-open a recently answered case if you need to follow up on the same issue, or open a new case using the Contact Us form. If you resolve an issue after writing to us, please let us know so we can resolve the case.

Sending a new message

To reply to an existing open case, click the Reply button on the case details page. It is not possible to reply directly to e-mails that we send. If the case was answered recently and you want to contact us again about the same issue, click the "Reopen this case" button. For a new issue or if the case was answered a while ago and cannot be reopened, click the "Submit a new case" button to open a new case using the Contact Us form.

Adding someone to a case

To add someone to a case, click Add Cc from within the Reply form. Use commas to separate e-mail addresses (up to 300 characters total, including commas and spaces). Spaces after the commas are not required.

Exporting cases

At the bottom of the Case Log home page you will see an Export Report button. Your exported report will be a comma-separated values (CSV) file that you can open in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

Any cases that are displayed at the time you export are gathered into the report, including cases that are displayed on the next page. The report only shows the summary information and does not include message content or details such as CC recipients. A report cannot be generated if no zero cases are displayed in the Case Log.

If you want to include expired cases in the report, you must filter or search for them before exporting.For example, if you filter your cases for a specific two week date range, only those cases will be contained in the report.

Case Log Glossary



Case Creation

The date your case was opened. This is usually the date you send us your first message about an issue through the Contact Us form.

Case ID

The reference ID that our system assigns to the case. Please referto this ID when you contact us about that particular issue.

Case Status

The status of your case in our system: Pending Amazon Action, Needs Your Attention, Open, Answered, or Transferred

Primary E-mail

The e-mail listed in the "E-mail address" line in the Contact Us form. By default it is the e-mail address of the person who opened the case.

Short Description

This is created by you in the first message you send us about an issue. We recommend using a descriptive summary. You can edit the short description when replying or using the 'Edit' button on the case details page.

The Case Log lets you track and manage cases you've submitted to Seller Support through Contact Us.

Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Amazon.co.uk Seller account.