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Frequently Asked Questions about Top Reviewers

What is the Top Reviewers list?

The Top Reviewers list profiles Amazon.co.uk's leading customer review writers. The individuals on the list all sent us their opinions about specific Amazon.co.uk items, providing fellow shoppers with helpful, honest, tell-it-like-it-is product information.

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How are Top Reviewers selected?

Each time a customer reads a review on the site, they are invited to vote on whether or not they found the review helpful. The votes are tabulated and the people whose reviews are voted most helpful most often are selected as Top Reviewers.

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What do the badges next to reviewers' names represent?

The icon you see alongside a reviewer's name is an at-a-glance way to see how helpful a reviewer is. The lower the number on the icon, the more helpful votes the reviewer has received.

All Hall of Fame reviewers get a lifetime badge. If your current reviewer rank is 1000 or better, you will receive a top reviewer badge. There are six such badges: Top 1000 Reviewer, Top 500 Reviewer, Top 100 Reviewer, Top 50 Reviewer, Top 10 Reviewer and #1 Reviewer.

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How do I become a Top Reviewer?

Write lots of helpful, informative product reviews. Your peers will decide your place on the Top Reviewer list.

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Why is the list of Top Reviewers numbered so strangely?

Based on the number of Helpful votes a reviewer receives, our system comes up with a score for each reviewer. As it turns out, lots of reviewers share the same score. So when you see a gap in the numbering, it just means that there is a tie that needs to be broken. If you're among the top-rated reviewers, your name will appear on the list.

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What if I don't want my name included in the Top Reviewers list?

If you'd rather not be featured as a Top Reviewer, e-mail us your request and we'll remove your name from the list.

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How do I vote on a review?

At the end of each review, you'll be asked "Was this review helpful to you?" Click "Yes" or "No".

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What are Spotlight Reviews?

Spotlight Reviews are based on how well the review was written and how helpful it was deemed by our customers. We display them on the site so that you can get good information quickly. Spotlight Reviews are calculated on a daily basis for most items in our catalogue that have customer reviews.

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Where is the Classic Reviewer Rank?

It was replaced by the Hall of Fame. This recognition better reflects the magnitude of achievement of our best reviewers who have written so many high-quality reviews over the years. We are humbled by the passion, time and energy these reviewers have dedicated.

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