About Returning Items That Contain Hazardous Materials

All products that contain substances which are flammable, pressurised, corrosive, damaging to the environment, irritant or harmful, are classified as "Hazmat items". These items are classified as dangerous goods in the EU.

This means that these Hazmat items may pose a higher risk if transported commercially than other items. Although quantities sold by Amazon are limited and therefore carry a relatively low risk during transport, our carriers and our Fulfilment Centres need to follow specific guidelines during transportation and handling. If you want to return such items to Amazon you must follow the guidelines set out below.

Please only use our Returns Support Centre to return these items. If you’re returning a Hazmat item from outside the UK, you may be asked to contact us for assistance with your return.


If possible, use the original Amazon packaging when sending back the product to us. This packaging already comes with the labelling and packaging formats that you need to apply. If your Amazon parcel was damaged please use new packaging to send the product back to us. For items which contain batteries, including lithium batteries, make sure the package is strong and rigid. Secure the equipment against movement within the outer packaging and against accidental activation. Make sure any containers with liquids, aerosols or other substances prone to spillage are tightly closed and don't leak. Place the containers upright in the box and make sure they're not loose. Put filling materials, such as the filling material provided by Amazon or some newspaper, around the product to fill any empty spaces in the box.

If you're returning multiple Hazmat items, you must only return one item per parcel to ensure compliance.

You'll need to go to our Returns Support Centre and print a return label for each item.


As above, if you're returning the item in its original packaging it's not necessary to apply a new label. Please check if the label is legible, it should look like one of these:

If not, please print out the label or any other label provided by our Returns Support Centre, cut it out and apply it to your parcel.


In our Returns Support Centre you’ll receive either a pre-paid return label to be used with a particular carrier, or a return label which can be used with any carrier of your choice, depending on your location. Please don't use an alternative return method for these items other than that advised by our online returns support centre. Amazon may arrange for a specialist carrier to collect these items from within the UK.

Damaged Hazmat

If you receive a damaged Hazmat item, please don't use it, and follow the instructions on the product.

Damaged Hazmat items, including damaged lithium batteries, aren't returnable and should be disposed of in a recycling centre. If the item you want to return contains damaged lithium batteries please detach them from the item before returning. The item without the battery can then be returned. If the damaged battery can't be detached or if the item itself is a damaged lithium battery, please dispose it in the nearest recycling centre. Please contact customer services for information on the recycling centre and further steps. Be aware that Amazon reserves the right to request proof of such disposal at any time so please make sure that you obtain appropriate evidence from the recycling centre you use.

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