Buy Add-on Items

Add-on items are low-priced products for sale on Amazon that can be purchased as long as you're ordering at least £10 of eligible products, excluding gift cards and gift certificates.

To buy Add-on Items:

  1. Look for the Add-on Item badge add-on items 
			 while shopping on or the blue title bar around Add to Basket.
  2. Include the Add-on Item in an order that includes £10 or more of items fulfilled by (including items sold by other sellers and fulfilled by Amazon). This order can include a mix of Add-on Items and other items fulfilled by Amazon, or be entirely made up of Add-on Items, but cannot include gift cards or gift certificates.

For example, you could order a £3 keyring that's an Add-on item with a book at £7, or anything else that gets your order to £10 or more of items which are dispatched by Amazon.