About Public Names and Activity

Your Pen Name is the public name you associate with contributions to the Amazon Community, such as Customer Reviews, Discussion Posts or Seller Feedback.

You're asked to set your Public Name the very first time you participate in the community and you can always change it later on your Profile page. Your Public Name appears in the public view of your Profile page and next to any public activity including, Customer Reviews, Customer Images, Seller Feedback, public Lists or Customer Discussions. You have the option of using your real-world name or a pseudonym as your Public Name. You can see all our Community options on the page Your Amazon Community

Your public activity is associated with your Public Name. To change which public activity is visible to others on the public view of your Profile page, go to the edit privacy settings page on your Profile and uncheck the box next to the activities you wish to remove from the public view of your Profile page. To change the privacy settings of your Registries and Lists, select a List and change the setting from public to private.

Important: When you remove activities from the public view of your Profile page, they may still show elsewhere on Amazon with your public name and link back to your Profile page (for example on product detail pages).

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