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Use Your Smart Home Device with Alexa

You can use simple commands to control your smart home devices connected to Alexa.

To do this... Say this...
Turn on / off your smart home device (excludes smart home cameras)

"Turn on / off [smart home device / group name]."

Turn on / off a scene

Tip: Create and manage smart home scenes through the smart home device manufacturer's companion app. Scene names show in the Alexa app in the Smart Home section.

"Turn on / off [scene / group name]."

Set the brightness (for compatible lights)

"Set [smart home device / group name] to [##]%."

"Brighten / dim [smart home device / group name]."

Set the color and shades of white (for compatible lights)

"Set the light to blue."

"Set the light to soft white."

"Make the light warmer/cooler."

Control a thermostat

"Set [smart home device / group name] temperature to [##] degrees."

"[Increase / decrease] the [smart home device / group name] temperature."

Check your thermostat

"What's the temperature in here?"

"What's my thermostat set to?"

Change your fan speed

"Set my bedroom fan to [##]%."

Control a door lock

"Is the [back / front] door locked?"

"Lock the [back / front] door."

Show your smart home device camera feed

"Show [camera name]."

Check your contact sensor

"Is the [smart home device] open?"

"Did I close my [smart home device]?"


  • To use some smart home devices you need to say, "Open [skill name]" before making your request.
  • Some smart home skills may support other device actions.
  • For more information about an Alexa Skill, go to the skill detail page in the Alexa app.

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