Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits

Your Amazon Prime membership includes a variety of delivery benefits, including several delivery upgrades if you need to expedite your delivery.

Delivery Speed

Amazon Prime Member Price

One-Day Delivery*

No extra cost

Priority Delivery

No extra cost

Standard Delivery

No extra cost

Expedited Delivery

No extra cost

Same-Day (Evening Delivery) (to eligible postcodes)

No extra cost

Express Delivery

£4.49 per delivery

Nominated Day Delivery

No extra cost


  • Not all delivery speeds are available for all items or all addresses. Learn more about Amazon Prime Eligible Items & Addresses.
  • One-Day, Two-Day, Express and Same-Day (Evening Delivery) are terms we use to determine your delivery date (these terms don't reflect item availability). See the One-Day, Priority, Express and Evening Terms & Conditions.
  • *One Day Delivery is 1 business day after dispatch, including Saturdays, but not including Public Holidays.
  • If you place your order with One-Day Delivery, depending on the time of day that you place your order and your delivery address, if in stock it'll be dispatched that same day and delivered the next day. Cut off times do apply so please check the product page when you place your order. For more information on One-Day Delivery, go to About One-Day Delivery in the UK.
  • Items not available for immediate dispatch aren't eligible for One-Day Delivery. For these purchases, you'll be offered Two-Day Delivery or Expedited Delivery during checkout, at no extra cost. Two-Day and Expedited Delivery use fast delivery methods to ensure that items arrive quickly after they become available for dispatch.
  • Amazon Prime members will receive Standard Delivery at no extra cost for Amazon Prime eligible items which aren't available for One-Day Delivery.
  • We may dispatch products by ground or air; our delivery speeds don't correspond to any carrier-branded delivery services. Delivery may require a signature.
  • Selected delivery options usually apply across business days, which include Saturdays, unless otherwise specified.
  • For items not available for immediate dispatch, the delivery time starts when the item is dispatched. As an example, it'll take two business days after an item is dispatched for it to reach you with Two-Day Delivery.
  • Check the ordering cut-off time shown on the detail page to ensure your order is placed in time to qualify for the estimated delivery date referenced.
  • So that you're seeing eligible Amazon Prime Delivery Benefits when shopping, make sure you've set a default address for your account. To learn how to set or change your default address see Change Your 1-Click Settings.
  • In some cases, choosing a higher quantity for an item may make it ineligible for Same-Day Delivery, because multiple units may not be available locally. In this case, the option to choose Same-Day Delivery will disappear, and normal Amazon Prime delivery options will display.

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