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Wellbeing by Light

Most people feel more energetic and fit when they are able to enjoy the natural light during the bright and sunny summer season. Sunshine and daylight have a positive effect on us. When we are exposed to the right type of light, it helps align our daily rhythm to wake up more easily and restore energy. Inspired by the benefits of natural light and applying our century-long expertise in lighting, Philips has developed a complete range of light therapy products that boost your energy naturally.

Philips Wake-Up Lights

Philips’ has developed a range of Wake-up lights that simulate the sunrise, making waking up a more pleasant experience. Half an hour before you’ve planned to wake up, the Wake-up light gradually fills your room with a colour-phased radiance that simulates the shifting colours of a sunrise. By mimicking the natural light of daybreak, the Wake-up light is able to gently prepare your body to rise, all while you are still asleep. Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the winter as if you’ve had the longest of slumbers. 92% of users agree that Wake-up light makes it much easier to get out of bed on those cold, wintry mornings, and it is the only wake-up light clinically proven to work.

Philips goLITE BLU SAD Light

Light plays an important role in our daily lives. In the bright summertime, it is a lot easier to start the day energetic and retain your energy throughout. Working with scientists and experts in the field, Philips developed a range of energy light products to help you restore and retain energy, fight winter blues and seasonal affective disorder. You can use Philips goLITE BLU to fight low energy levels while eating, working or even while you are watching TV.

Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light
Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light
by Philips
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