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Learning and Activity Toys for Babies Aged 12-18 Months

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Between 12 and 18 months fine motor skills and attention spans start to improve, and most babies begin to walk and talk, and so look for toys that help to stimulate and reinforce these skills. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the right toy for a 12-18 month old:

• A baby walker helps toddlers to gain confidence in their walking skills while giving them something to lean on.

• Around the age of one, many babies develop a real fascination with books, flicking through to their favourite pages and pointing out animals and other familiar objects for mum and dad to name. Books with thick pages, textures to feel, flaps to lift or sounds to hear are the most entertaining and resilient.

• Many babies seem to love putting things into containers and taking them out again. Fine motor skills and developing brains can now be challenged by simple sorting toys.

• At this age many young children spurn their own toys in favour of the phone, your laptop and the TV remote control. They might like one or two gadgets of their own.

• Stimulate a toddler's creativity and help them blow off some steam with a few musical instruments.

• Many babies this age love toys on wheels. They can experiment by shooting them across the room to see what happens, or toddle around pulling them along.

Shop for great gifts for babies between 12 and 18 months below. You should read the product description and any warnings or instructions that come with the product carefully before giving it to a child.

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