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Learning and Activity Toys for Babies Aged 0-6 Months

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This age group spans a wide range of abilities, from newborns who can barely see, never mind hold their toys, to six month-olds who can sit up and throw them. Toys at this early stage are generally designed to stimulate baby's rapidly developing senses of sight and touch. Here are a few clues to help you choose the right kinds of toys for babies under six months:

• A baby's vision is poor at birth and develops rapidly over the first six months. Toys that attract attention with movement or lights stimulate sight and help it to develop. Babies don't perceive colour very well, so black and white high-contrast patterns attract their attention better than delicate pastels. Most babies' hearing is good from birth, so toys that make a noise will help develop sight by stimulating the baby to look at what's making the sound.

• Once a baby is a couple of months old, they'll probably enjoy a playgym with dangly toys. Playgyms encourage babies to reach out and bat the hanging toys, stimulating motor skills as well as sight and touch. Toys with different textures also stimulate their sense of touch.

• A baby nest allows a baby to lie in a slightly propped-up position before they can support themselves, giving them a better view of the room. A a few crinkly and rattly toys thrown in will keep them amused for a while.

• As a baby nears six months--and perhaps even way before this milestone--they'll start to chew on everything they can find. Some say this is teething, others say it's an important way for babies to develop their senses and explore their world. Either way, teethers and toys with chewy spots are bound to be a hit.

• If you prefer to buy a comforter for your lucky recipient, make sure it's age-appropriate and don't put it in the cot with them while they sleep until at they're at least six months old.

• If baby has quite enough toys and you'd like to buy something a bit more practical, how about a baby bouncer or a swing?

Shop for great activity and learning toys for babies between 0 and 6 months below. Please note that some of these toys may not be suitable for very young babies. You should read the product description and any warnings or instructions that come with the product carefully before giving it to the child.

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