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Sleep is one of the hottest conversation topics for new parents. Why won't my tired baby take a nap? When will my baby sleep through the night? Then that glorious night of sleeping through finally arrives, and you lie awake wondering why your little one hasn't woken up.

Here are some baby sleep tips:

• Be realistic. Some babies sleep through the night from an early age, but this is unusual. For most babies, sleeping is a skill that takes time to learn. Enjoy those nocturnal opportunities for a cuddle and reassure yourself that this stage won't last forever. Follow your instincts and ask your GP or health visitor if something's not right or your lack of sleep is getting you down.

• Some babies thrive on routine, in particular, a consistent bedtime routine. Some mums and dads thrive on it too. If you think a routine would help, ask your health visitor for advice or browse baby sleep books to find out more about the leading theories and experts.

• If you choose to co-sleep, read up on how to do it safely. Co-sleeper cots allow you to sleep right next to your baby without giving up your bed.

Swing cribs come in handy at 5am, when a gentle rock may send your newborn back to sleep without a feed or a cuddle. Some parents swear by light shows and comforters that make soothing sounds.

• At nap time, try a blackout blind to keep the room dark. Swings can help nap-resistant babies catch essential daytime zeds.

• Early-rising toddlers often respond well to the Gro-Clock, which teaches them to understand when it's time to sleep and when it's time to get up.

Check out the lists below for ideas and products to help you and your baby to sleep.

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