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Information from Maxinutrition: Choosing the right product for you


Maxitone is designed specifically for women who want to lose weight, tone up and/or for a more healthy well being.

What products are good for me?

Always feel like you’re on a diet? Not quite getting the body change you’re looking for? Maxitone can help, providing you with supporting nutrients in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet, together we can achieve results.

To help weight loss, try our Sculptress Diet Shake – specifically formulated to help support weight loss, Sculptress Diet shake are nutritious high protein shakes, perfect as a meal or snack replacement. Each shake contains 30% of your recommended daily allowances for 22 vitamins and minerals to support health and well being. To support weight loss Sculptress Diet shakes also contain Green tea extract and L-carnitine. Sculptress Diet Shake is available in three delicious flavours: Banana Split, Chocolate delight and Strawberry Sundae.


Designed to offer performance support for the endurance exerciser.

What products are good for me?

Irrespective of your training level, endurance performance is limited by a depletion of carbohydrate and dehydration. Maintaining and replacing these can be problematic either due to consumption difficulties during exercise or having the required amount of nutrients and the right time. To help support your performance goals, Maxifuel can help.

For a physical and mental boost either pre training/race or towards the end of a hard session/race, try our Viper Boost Bar. Specifically formulated to provide 30g of energising carbohydrate combined with 141mg of stimulating caffeine, makes Viper Boost bars are an ideal pre race snack, topping up your carbohydrate stores along with providing mental focus. Improving performance isn’t just about what training you’re doing but also about how you recovery. For many endurance exercisers repeated sessions are common practise and therefore adding further promotion to recovery. To aid recovery replenishing your carbohydrate stores, rehydrating and protein ingestion for muscle repair we all help. For the ideal recovery kickstart try our Recovermax – an elite 3:1 carbohydrate:protein blend sports recovery drink to support muscle repair, recovery and restore energy after intense exercise. Recovermax is available in two replenishing flavours: Orange and Strawberry.


Designed for men looking to lose weight, build muscle and/or who want to look after their body.

What products are good for me?

Looking for an improved physique? Want to increase your size and strength? Want to tone up and lose weight? Maximuscle can help! Our products are specifically formulated to help whatever your goal.

As with recovery, the key ingredient for muscle growth and strength is protein. Having the optimal protein amount, that is rapidly absorbed and utilised by the muscles can be difficult or inconvenient to achieve through a normal diet. As a suitable alternative try our Maxi-Milk. Designed primarily as a recovery shake which is high in protein with carbohydrate and being fat free. Maxi-milk could also be used as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon protein snack to increase your daily protein intake. Maxi-milk is available in three favours: Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana.

If size and strength is more your focus then why not try the UK’s No.1 ‘All-in-one’ muscle growth shake, Cyclone. Packed with 60g of fast acting BioMAX whey protein, 11.6g of Glutamine, 3g of Calcium HMB and to further increase strength and power, 10g of creatine monohydrate (all amounts per daily serving). Creatine supplementation provides support for high intensity repeated movements like weightlifting, this is thanks to a rapid rejuvenation of the immediate energy source used, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The ability to do more and work harder.