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Welcome to WOW--Top Toys for Tiny Tots

Welcome to WOW Toys--the home of top toys for tiny tots from 1 to 2 years and beyond. WOW toys are built to last. Cute, colourful and sturdy, they do all sorts of amazing things without the need for batteries.

WOW toys smash all global safety standards by using super-safe paint, no PVC, and of course, as they don’t need batteries to work, they are perfect to be nibbled, chewed, hugged and loved by tiny tots everywhere.

Each toy has a sweet name and character all their own and adorable little faces to make them all the more irresistible. And best of all, WOW toys don’t break their promises.

What's Hot From WOW

WOW Toys Ryan's Road Trip

£19.99 £19.00
Amazon Prime
WOW Toys Cupcake Chloe

£13.19 £8.99
Amazon Prime
WOW Toys Whiz Around Amy

£12.99 £9.49
Amazon Prime

Great Fun For Girls

WOW Toys Pippa's Princess Carriage

£20.39 £17.38
Amazon Prime
WOW Toys Robin's Medical Rescue

£29.99 £26.99
Amazon Prime
WOW Toys Bella Butterfly

Amazon Prime
WOW Toys Brand Store WOW Toys Brand Store

Top-rated Toys From WOW

WOW Toys
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