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LEGO Architecture and LEGO have the pleasure of presenting the LEGO® Architecture Series. LEGO® Architecture celebrates the past, present and future of architecture through the medium of the LEGO® Brick.

It aims to explore the fascinating worlds of Architecture, Engineering and Construction with the ambition to inspire minds of all ages as they learn about the world’s most iconic buildings and structures

No matter what your age, now you can build and collect these amazing reproductions of your favourite monuments, whether it’s the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum , Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing architectural masterpiece Fallingwater®, or iconic landmarks like the Space Needle in Seattle, the White House in Washington D.C. or the Empire State Building in New York.

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Meet LEGO’s Architectural Artist, Adam Reed Tucker

As a LEGO Architectural Artist, Adam Reed Tucker strives to capture the essence of a particular architectural landmark in its pure sculptural form. He does not view his models as literal replicas, but rather as artistic interpretations using LEGO® bricks as a medium.

Adam Reed Tucker’s love of architecture started at an early age in his hometown of Chicago:

Adam Reed Tucker
“Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the iconic Chicago Skyline. This later inspired me to explore Architecture in hopes of one day becoming an Architect”.
He did indeed go on to study architecture, and, inspired by his city’s skyline, developed a passion for skyscrapers. It was his wish to communicate the complexity of skyscraper engineering in simple terms that led him back to another of his childhood passions:
“I wanted to level the playing field with something most of us all grew up with and can relate to no matter who you are or where you came from: The LEGO© Brick.”
While for many the LEGO brick is not a material typically used as an artist’s medium, Adam Reed Tucker quickly discovered the LEGO brick was lending itself as naturally to his applications as paint to a painter or metal to a blacksmith.
As he continues to explore how to capture new LEGO Architecture buildings with LEGO bricks and plates, he finds the possibilities and challenges they offer almost magical.