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Use the Maestro card you have in your wallet – it couldn’t be simpler!

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Benefits of using Maestro

Benfits of using Maestro
The Maestro Card you have in your wallet is now ready for e-Commerce Shop for everyday items online now using your Maestro. You can now use your card to purchase books, music, clothes and much more! Discover a new way of shopping online with Maestro!

Maestro FAQs

Why is there a delay between my purchase and then seeing the transaction on my account?

There are two possible reasons for this:
• The goods were not currently available when you made the purchase, therefore the merchant delayed the transaction until the goods were actually shipped, or
• In very specific cases merchants chose to send small transactions to banks in bulk (e.g., Music downloads).

What happens if I do not receive the goods/services I paid for with my Maestro card?

If after a reasonable time you have not received the goods/services you should contact the merchant for a refund. If the merchant does not respond to your request within 21 days, you should notify your bank who will credit your account for the amount of the transaction and contact the merchant for the funds directly.