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The Philips Store

Philips Electric Shavers--Create Any Style You Want

Shaving doesn’t have to be a messy, inconvenient chore. For you to enjoy a smooth, pleasant shaving experience everyday, Philips has brought a great range of electric shavers that delivers a meticulous shave even on the chin and those notoriously problematic neck hairs. The cutting-edge, ergonomic design of these shavers are guaranteed to impress anyone with an eye for style.

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Philips Shaver Heads--Keep a Close Shave

Philips Shaver Heads
Every year your shaving blades travel the height of Mt. Everest, around 49 times! After such a workout, even the best material can loose their edge. Retain your shaver's peak performance and replace the shaver heads every two years.

Philips Nivea--Moisturising Shaving Conditioner

Philips NIVEA for Men Shaving Conditioner
Philips Nivea for Men shaving conditioner is enriched with Chamomile and vitamins to protect your skin against irritation while giving you a great shave.

Keep Your Shaver Heads Clean for Best Results

Philips Shaver Heads Cleaning Solutions and Sprays
Save 10% and get free regular deliveries when you buy Philips shaver heads cleaning solutions or sprays with Subscribe & Save.

Philips Lightweight, Two-headed Electric Shaver

Philips NIVEA for Men Shaving Conditioner
Philips HQ130 electric shaver is a compact and easy-to-use electric shaver that adjusts to every curve of your face and neck for exceptional closeness.