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Watering & Lawn Care Buying Guide

If there’s one really simple pleasure in life, it’s a well-kept lawn. There are many gardening products that can help you achieve a beautiful lawn and, while we’re not complaining, it's difficult to know what’s what.

That’s where this guide comes in. If you’re confused about what kind of watering and lawn care equipment to buy, it will help you discover which item is perfect for your needs. For the more confident gardener who needs a bit of guidance on which features are important to think about, check out the more detailed product guides linked from each section.

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Hoses & Reels

The first things you need to keep your lawn green and your plants happy are a decent watering hose and a reel in which to store it. A good-quality hose will last for seasons if stored carefully. There are also a number of items available to help you water items around the home, including long-reach watering wands for watering hanging baskets and pots, and trigger pistols for spraying.

For more detailed information on how to select your hose and reel, check out our hoses and reels buying guide.

Water Saving

Help your plants, the environment and your wallet by conserving, collecting and recycling water around the garden. There are many ways to save water in your garden. You can collect rainwater in a water butt connected to a downpipe, adding a soil conditioner can help to retain moisture in light soil and improve drainage in clay soil, and mulch can also help soil to retain moisture.

For more detailed information on products to help you save water, check out our water saving buying guide.

Sprinklers & Automated Watering Systems

Sprinklers are ideal for thoroughly watering lawns and newly planted garden beds, while automatic watering systems deliver water to the right place at just the right time. A variety of sprinklers are available--traditional sprinklers spray in a revolving circle, oscillating sprinklers rotate from side to side and newer models spray in specific shapes to suit your garden. Automated watering systems deliver water exactly where and when you need it. They can be easily installed and, once in place, save you time and effort, and make it easier to travel away from home.

For more detailed information on how to select a sprinkler or automated watering system, check out our sprinklers and automated watering systems buying guide.

Garden Chemicals

If your garden is in crisis and you need to call in the heavyweights, garden chemicals such as lawn feed, weedkiller and insecticide may be just what you need. There are many kinds of chemicals that can help you drive pests out of your garden, boost your lawn growth and improve the quality of your soil.

For more detailed information on how to select garden chemicals, check out our garden chemicals buying guide.