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Right from the start, good, professional workmanship has been the driving force behind our success. Today we design products for the present, but with an eye to the future...

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Solid Past Solid Present Solid Future

It all began in 1919. 15 people and a small factory in the Dutch town of Aalst. A traditional, family owned business, run by engineers and craftsmen.

And right from the start, good, professional workmanship has been the driving force behind our success.

Today, the skills and expertise that built the company are supplemented by specialists. Specialists in the latest materials and in computer aided design and manufacturing.

Specialists who secure our position as one of Europe's leading producers of innovative household products.

Tomorrow? Well, who knows about tomorrow?

To us, the domestic items of tomorrow are what we are producing today. Our products are designed to retain their style and performance for decades.

It's more than a guarantee.
It's what drives the company.
It’s who we are
Brabantia: solid company


Establishment of the company van Elderen & Co in Aalst, The Netherlands Production of milk sieves, watering cans, funnels, buckets and cigar tins.


Establishment of independent sales organisation in Belgium.


Construction of a factory in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands.


Opening of a third factory in Overpelt, Belgium.


Takeover of EGAM in Roden, The Netherlands.


Establishment of an independent sales organisation in France.


Brabantia turnover rises above NLG 35 million.


Establishment of independent sales organisation in United Kingdom.


Establishment of independent sales organisation in Switzerland.


Takeover of Johann Breitenstein GmbH in Emmerich, Germany Start of own production unit in Great Britain.


Brabantia turnover breaks the NLG 100 million barrier.


Opening of the ultra-modern plant in Emmerich Establishment of independent sales organisation in Italy.


All Brabantia production units certified according to ISO 9002 standard (Brabantia Emmerich ISO 9001) Establishment of sales office in Denmark, Brabantia Scandinavia.


Brabantia starts a new, highly market-oriented export concept, resulting in the appointment of a large number of newly selected partners/distributors. In conjunction with existing partners/distributors, the new concept is introduced in each country/region.


Establishment of sales organisation in Asia Production units, sales and all central services such as International Marketing Communications, Product Development, Administration and Computer Services are combined, to form Brabantia Nederland BV.


All warehouses centralised in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands Customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany will be supplied by this central warehouse. As required these customers can be invoiced in Euros.


Establishment of sales organisation in Spain.


New multi-product production unit in UK Establishment of sales organisation North and South America.


Establishment of production unit in Zhuhai, China.


Establishment Brabantia inc, USA. Establishment of sales organisation Sweden.


Doubling of production and storage space at Brabantia Overpelt, Belgium. Establishment of sales organisation in Poland, Brabantia Central Europe. Transfer production Emmerich (Germany) to Overpelt (Belgium)


Transfer production Roden to Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. Move centralised warehouse from Valkenswaard (The Netherlands) to Overpelt (Belgium) Integration.


Product development has been integrated in the divisions Valkenswaard (The Netherlands) and Overpelt (Belgium).