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24 September 2018
I think it would be best to read The Second Cup before embarking on the second in the series The Victoria Lie, if only to acquaint yourself with the characters and Sarah’s unique style of writing. Her writing flows along the page giving the reader as much information as needed at any one time but she isn’t afraid to hold back when the situation calls for it.

Whenever I have ridden the underground (and it’s been a lot) I have never really looked at it in the depth Zoe does, we take it all for granted and as she rightly concludes, each one of us is only concerned about ourselves, anything different from the norm is scary.

As previously I will touch upon *trigger warnings, this is a book delving into mental health behaviour and suicide .. have you ever considered taking your own life? Understandably the contents are dark and deep but the author manages to capture the right tone and displays the actions of desperation associated with mental illness.

It’s not only Zoe who is affected, by her actions she is spreading the ring wider and almost inhaling her boyfriend and best friend. I don’t pretend to understand the dynamics with the addition of these and Tori. How do you deal with a friend who is intent on dying?

It’s a book I was interested in and it kept my attention, by nature of the circumstances it is a fairly slow plot but a good analysis of mental behaviour. I can appreciate it might not be a subject for everyone but for those who are keen to explore a little deeper it is a well written book.

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