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Customer Review

17 March 2019
It’s a documentary really but don’t let that put you off, this is mind blowing.

I don’t climb. Did it a few times at an indoor climbing wall and at least got a teeny bit of appreciation how much strength is required but what this guy does is literally from another planet and if you think about it you really get scared for his prospects of survival. But the thing is. The whole movie is obviously moving towards this big climb finale but before that he seems to casually do a whole bunch of solo climbing that seems quite ludicrous enough thanks very much. So when you come to the final thing you’re thinking ok so this can’t be that much scarier, but you’re wrong. It’s almost like he’s casually mocking our entire existence with every needle eye-threading minuscule finger pinch hold of the rock thousands of feet above death. That fact that some of the greatest mountain climbers that have ever lived are scared witless thinking about and then witnessing what he’s doing drives it come.

Despite what others have said I didn’t find his girlfriends presence in the movie intolerable. With that said I have to say she comes across as rather manipulative and a potential huge distraction to Alex to the point you think she’s going to cause him to fall to his death. But maybe for the move that’s okay.

Anyway. This guy is incredible. What he does is incredible(insane). And this movie as a high resolution chronicle of what this guy does for fun is something no one should miss.
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