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19 June 2019
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'Every day we do things that are capable of changing everything, and that’s what makes life exciting.' @jillmansell

This quote from the book sums up this story well 😊

This story begins with the unfortunate tale of Essie and her round-robin letter that was never meant to do its rounds 😯 what follows is a beautiful story of how that one mistake in her life changed everything, (hence the title of the book 👍🏻)

Through Essie we meet other central characters to the story, who also have done things that change the course of their lives.

I will admit that some of the storylines and coincidences that happen in this book I would normally say "oh for god sakes! Really. As if that would happen...what a sodding coincidence eh  🙄" however in this book I loved them 😍 they made the stories more poignant and lovely.

This book made me laugh, cry, tut loudly, suck in breath in disbelief 😯 it had everything and I loved it.
Such an easy read, so easy that I was shocked at the pace I was reading it and tried to slow down because I wanted to savour the lives of these lovable characters.

It did make me philosophical 😊 wondering about my life and what choices I've made that have led me to where I am now and what impact I've had on other people's lives 🤔

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