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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 December 2015
I brought "making money from financial spread trading" in Nov 2014 I started with a total stake of £500. Having studied the course I started to bet..I only drip fed £200 into my betting account at a time, I had a number of small wins, which gave me confidence to continue, but my total stake had fallen to £123 by Nov 2015 and I was having to bet 20%+ to make a bet. During the year I had asked various questions by email and always received a helpful reply quickly. In Nov2015 I decided to take stoke and stop betting and analysed each previous bet with care. This showed me I had not followed the course procedure correctly for many of my bets and I felt IF I had correctly placed bets I might have ben in profit. I emailed Vince the procedure I intended to use in the future and was told it was satisfactory. I then increased my total stake to £1123 so I could make reasonable bets using only 5% or less of my stake. I started betting again Nov2015 I have made a total of 6 bets up to 17th Dec 2015, 3 have closed at a loss and I at a very small profit. The 2 left running give me and overall profit of 10%+, which tallies with the claims in the book. I realise I should have followed the course with greater care from the start.. I look forward to making steady profits. When I close my present bets I will be betting with the book makers money and not risking my own. I would recommend the course with advice to follow it to the letter and ask for help if doesn't seem to work or you don't understand something.
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