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13 October 2018
After a prologue that is almost sunk by some uncertain acting, the film proper begins with Dinah (Elena Caruso) and Jake (Chris Conner) attempting to patch up their marriage by moving to Amish country. Inevitably, they bring with them their two young children. But worry not – no petulant brats here: Steven (Noah Headley) and Michaela (Accalia Quintana) are appealing, especially the little girl, whose genuine delight about the wide open spaces in their new home becomes something else entirely as the story moves on.

This low budget feature is, however, possibly too restrained in its imagery. Happy to be creepy rather than terrifying, that’s fair enough - Director Ivan Kraljevic at least resists the monotony of constant jump-scares few films feel they could do without.

What we have is an enjoyable slow-burner that dips more than one toe into the ‘folk horror’ category. The nature of the horror, together with the location and the family’s new neighbours provide a different spin on things. This, together with genuinely sympathetic characters, makes a superficially tame production worth seeing.
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