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Customer Review

2 December 2018
I gave this one to my father in law. He is 70. He used to play the various Mario games back in the 90's and he really enjoyed it. My nephew also played the various 2 player games and he was very enthusiastic about it. Most interesting was my brother in-law who I watched playing hours of Megaman X and finishing it a couple of times! The whole family, 3 generations, all being super happy with the console. The controllers are sturdy and have the same great feel with the original. The cables are a bit short. The unit itself feels sturdy feels like is built to last.
Please do note you need to provide power as there is no adaptor, any old micro-USB phone charger should do. If you are looking to buy something more specific a raspberry-pi adapter will do nicely as well.
One feature which I would like to have is to be able to open the console's menu from the controller rather than having to press the 'Reset' button. I will try to remember some of the most interesting games now (might miss the exact titles),
the Metroid is a really atmospheric puzzle-driven platformer which could be called an action-adventure today,
Megaman X - high octane platformer, fantastic music
Kirby - super cute platformer especially child friendly,
Kirby "golf simulator" - wacky and funny,
Super Mario World 2, classic platformer (quite hard)
Yoshi's island (Super Mario World 3), fantastic platformer, balanced difficulty, amazing amazing visuals!
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, for those epic duels,
Super Ghouls and Ghosts (unforgiving platformer), Contra 3 (unforgiving run-n-gun platformer),
a classic Zelda adventure,
Mario Cart, Star Fox and Star Fox 2 (plain polygons space shooter),
Donkey Kong Land 2, straightforward platformer, nice for the 2 player cooperative option
Final Fantasy III and Secret of Mana, incredible Square Enix turn based and action RPGs,
Mario RPG, Castlevania, Type R, and some more that I can't recall at the moment.
All in all, money for hours of fun and the nostalgia effect is great. However as a parent I would like to see some parental options, eg. restrict some games from the children and also restrict how many hours they can play during a 24h period. Given how advanced are the parental controls of other Nintendo platforms, even the handhelds, I would expect they don't skimp on that but they did. This is why I put a 4 star on this otherwise awesome device.
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4.7 out of 5 stars