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Customer Review

30 May 2018
The idea of this product is great and I had very high hopes for it when it arrived. For a couple of weeks it worked well, however, after this it started having issues that eventually meant it was unusable.

Firstly, the app started The app is slow and unresponsive and when I did manage to get to set an alarm for wake up mode it wouldn't work.

When I set an alarm, the app crashed, when i re-open it, between 10-15 of the same alarm have now been created, I then delete all but one alarm, the next morning, I get a notification saying my coffee has started brewing but nothing happens in terms of making a coffee.

I have tried everything. I have uninstalled the app, re-installed it, turned off the machine and turned it on tried it on several different devices all with different operating systems and unfortunately nothing seems to be working at all.

I could still use it in manual mode but that was not why I bought this. As a manual machine, it is not close to being worth the price. Eventually it looked like there was water creeping in places it shouldn't have and was not really usable

It didn't improve and unfortunately had to get a new one sent out to me which was fine, the support was helpful so that I was pleased with.

Unfortunately exactly the same happened for my subsequent machine, however, the grinder also got jammed so they recommended I use pipe cleaners to clear it. Fair enough. I bought some, cleaned it out, it worked once. Then got jammed again. In addition to this and the wake up mode not working the water was smelling very stale - I tried descaling it but it still stank. All in all, the idea is great, the execution poor which is a real shame.

Credit to Amazon who gave me a refund once it was returned.
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2.9 out of 5 stars