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Customer Review

6 November 2003
Let's get one thing straight. Blizzard of Ozz, as recorded by Ozzy's original post-Sabbath band of Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake is a truly classic Metal album, and one that deserves a place in any Metal fan's collection.
This abomination masquerading as that album is not the same thing.
As is now common knowledge, the bass and drum tracks were re-recorded for the latest reissue of both 'Blizzard' and the follow up album, 'Diary of a Madman' due to ongoing legal disputes between the Osbournes and the former bassist and drummer, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake respectively. It is bad enough that the Osbournes did this just to punish their ex-colleagues, but what is totally unforgivable is that these albums are packaged as though they are the original recordings, when they are nothing of the sort. You only find out the truth once you have opened the CD booklet and there, on the inside back cover, in *small* letters, the deed is revealed.
No disrespect is intended to the musicians who were asked to perform the impossible (bassist Rob Trujillo and drummer Mike Bordin) but you cannot go back to a twenty year old recording, overdub parts of it and expect people not to notice! Does Ozzy really think his fans are that daft? Whatever dispute he has with his old bandmates why should we, the fans who supported him for years, be insulted in this way? Furthermore, the fact that they have chosen to dub new musicians on the album insults the memory of the great Randy Rhoads, whose guitar parts now sit uncomfortably alongside those of players he never met!
In my opinion this issue of 'Blizzard' is a FAKE and I strongly recommend potential buyers to seek out the previous reissues of 'Blizzard and 'Diary' (from 1995, easy to spot, they have 'OZZY' in large letters down one side of the booklet) which contain the original recordings. Be quick though, they are being withdrawn and you will soon only be able to get the inferior new versions.
Ozzy has really shot himself in the foot this time. Metal fans are not noted for having short memories, and this disgrace will be remembered long after the TV show is forgotten by their new generation of 'fans'. I for one will never buy anything else with his name on it.
Avoid this 'reissue' at all costs!
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