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25 March 2015
A quick glance at the reviews on here suggest this is a slightly decisive show. For what it's worth, I loved it and found it similar in tone and content to Macks previous two stand up DVDs.

The main show runs for just 63 minutes but is a breakneck, fast paced, energetic blur of hilarious gags. There's an option to play a "non-swearing" version of the show which does exactly what it says on the tin really - the same gig with the expletives bleeped out. There's plenty of them too, this being a more shouty, sweary version of Lee Mack than you'll usually see on TV. A bit closer to the bone as well as a few of the crowd get a bit of a kicking - all in good fun though.

The only extra is the obligatory behind the scenes doc which runs for 20 minutes and is relatively interesting although mostly joke free.
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