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28 October 2018
I only really rented this because of Sarah Paulson, I really don't care about the others.

I wasn't underwhelmed....or overwhelmed...just welmed. The premise is great, I love the story, however, execute is poor. Most of it seems like it was written in an afternoon. You would have been better getting Sarah Paulson to direct or even Helena Bonham Carter (She used to sleep with Tim Burton so I imagine she got some tips...on directing.).

All star cast, should have been a beautiful and exciting film but it was less than exciting...more like a chocolate cake after you've left it in the sun, it's good...but you know the buttercream may have turned but saying that; I did like the film. I didn't cringe at any point and I didn't yawn either but to me it just slots in with the 100s of Melissa McCarthy films and random heist films. It was kinda slow and even when it got going it was hard to feel... enthusiastic about it?

The characters don't seem to change, there's no development or story development. At the end of the film i kinda just shrugged and said "Oh...okay.".

**Spoiler Alert if you're still reading at this point**

The subway promo placement was annoying. It was obvious that they just put it in there to make a poster to sell the film. Most of the movie's questioned could be answered with 'Cus movie' which is something I hate. There wasn't any motivation for the characters apart from money. Oh and the stealing of the other necklaces? The hell that come from?! It was like they wrote the script and miscounted the running time...some producer just said to the poor writer, who had to sit and write this train wreck, "Oh...can you just, ya know, throw something in there?"


I really hope the studio paid the actresses a lot of money because this was NOT a film they could add to their showreels.

In conclusion; It wasn't a 'bad' film but it wasn't a good one either. I probably would put it on again but only in the background while I was playing a video game or going to sleep.

Sarah Paulson is bae though.
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