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Customer Review

17 December 2018
It didn't take too long for me to lose focus on the narrative. The book frustrated me, with its under-developed characters and a writing style I think is lacking in many aspects. However, given the raving reviews, I soldiered on. Page 120 was as far as I could get.

I didn't like the unnecessary prolonged and abundant depictions of simple actions. I love being immersed in a book and great writers can use language in a way that transports you to a place without being overly explicit about it. They give you an idea through the good use of sentences, drawing a few lines on a canvas and letting your brain work out the rest.

While reading Dead Lock I found a lot of "he walked towards the house, one step at a time, stopping midway to tie his brown shoes while the female character walked past him towards the door. She stopped and stood for a second and then raised her right hand to knock on the door. She knocked three times using only two fingers and then put her hands in her pockets while she waited for the door to open." This is something I just made up, but it's what the book felt to me. Overly descriptive about irrelevant things. You can just use words wisely and convey an entire atmosphere, without having to describe every single movement. It read like a TV script more than a book.

Since I didn't finish it, I can't comment on the entire book. But the truth is I didn't care enough about the characters to want to know what was coming next.

It's not the worst book I read, it's just average.
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4.8 out of 5 stars